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Drop the scale

"I wanted to show that I still have something on the box at the age of 48," says Alexandra Kästner of her trips to the world of fashion. Meanwhile, he participated in casting shows in Dusseldorf and Stuttgart, and on fashion shows he went to the catwalk.

Christoph Pries

Bonning-Hill. "In the fashion world, it's not enough to have the right size of a dress and a nice face," says Alex Kästner. It is based on life experience and charisma. Her family had been encouraging her from the beginning. And so she just wanted to try out if she was really as beautiful as she always claimed her four.
And so he overcame the wickedness and sought light rays. "I like to be in the focus," admits Alexandra Kästner. She now lives more confidently.
On trips to fashion events she met interesting women and established contacts. She learned that one was accepted, even if someone wanted something more. He often travels to social media as well. In her Facebook group she came to the knowledge that it is important to accept herself as one and feel good.
For Alexandra Kästner it is important to point out that not everyone who is overweight is ill. In today's society, the "curve" is considered a negative attribute. Weight is not crucial to the character or charisma of a person.


"Even if you bring negative experiences, it's important not to be beaten," says bönning's belly. Other women are now seeking help in choosing clothes. For four years now has a "Steelevoll" blog. Publishes here texts and photos about recipes for fashion, health, or roasting. It is also important to emphasize that you do not fall on food. Alexandra Kästner: "The best thing to do is to throw the scales and not run for any wrong fantasy ideals."
It's important to health. If the doctor says "Stop", follow that. Modeling is still fun. And he wants to inspire other women. Alexa Kästner: "Life is too short to waste time on unnecessary things."

Time for yourself: Alex Kästner enjoys coffee on the terrace of his house in Bönning-Rill.
Alexa Kästner presents for fashion photography at the Camp Monastery. Again, she shows her self-confidence as a strong woman.