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Drugs and alcohol do not match

Baierbrunn (dpa / tmn) – Who takes drugs, completely abstaining from alcohol. Because even small amounts in combination with drugs can cause unpleasant interactions, says "Apotheken Umschau" (question B6 / 2019).

For example, it may be dangerous for medicines that should give the active ingredient slowly over a long period of time: above all, a high percentage can significantly accelerate stomach discharge – and then dissolve the tablet. As a result, too high a dose of the drug enters the body, with certain pain medications, it can even cause paralysis of the respiratory system.

Other risks include gastrointestinal bleeding or sores when alcohol is combined with ASA (acetylsalicylic acid). In the case of sleeping tablets, tranquillizers or antidepressants, alcohol can significantly increase the effect and, in combination with paracetamol or some rheumatic drugs, can boost liver function.

Some drugs, including some antibiotics, also block the degradation of alcohol. If anyone drinks it anyway, nausea and vomiting are threatening, in severe cases of heart arrhythmia and shortness of breath. Especially uncomfortable in this case: Blocking some antibiotics is very long. Patients should therefore wait five days after taking the last dose before re-consuming alcohol.

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