Fashion business students earn strong returns 2

Fashion business students earn strong returns

On Monday, June 17, 2019, Hallein fashion school held a final competition of young companies "Pina", "graph: it", "Color & Care" and "Freshup".

Hallein. The fourth year students of fashion and hairdressing classes have been able to prove their "entrepreneurship" competence by leading their own businesses. The closing event re-focused on a particularly successful financial year and shareholders could enjoy significant returns.

Young and self-employed

Hair stylists have established two of their companies this year: "Color & Care" and "Freshup" delighted their customers with professional nail care and beauty care and various vegan make-up as a fresh handbag. There was also something new in the fashion sector: for the first time, the younger company, or "graph: it", focused on the services and particularly well achieved in the B2B area with attractive graphics solutions as well as special photo shoots for events and creative labels of wood . Pina has achieved practical pocket calendars and notebooks, but also a small but fine and sustainable assortment of vegan pineapple skin – so buyers can buy these passports, keys and wallets from this innovative material.

Powerful returns

Younger companies reviewed the financial year 2018/19. With professional presentations and impressive visitors with impressive entrepreneurial performance.

"It was a very busy, challenging and exciting business year where we gained many new experiences. We have succeeded in applying much of what we have learned in practice, and we have also gone through some ups and downs. In particular, the B2B sector, ie sales to other companies, was a new territory and a great enrichment ", – executive directors" graph: it ", Maria Kraft and Jennifer Bertignol.

At the end of the event, the stockholders who bought the 10 euro share at the beginning of the school year paid the amount of purchased shares plus the returnees in dreams between 28 and more than 70 percent.

"The students gained a lot of valuable experience for their later lifetime this year, they had to face many challenges in the team and to prove it all the time." In retrospect, students can be proud of their achievements, "said mentorship professor Kristina Kemmetinger.

"I'm very excited to have younger companies in both fashion and hairstyle because they make an important contribution to our entrepreneurial education." Above all, the stronger service of the service sector was an important goal in this school year, "- director Michael Joeris.

Managers are satisfied with a successful business year (from left to right): Jennifer Bertignol and Maria Kraft (graph: it), Marleen Ebster and Ira Welther (Anna), Anna Ablinger (Color & Care) and Clara Unterkofler (Freshup).
"Freshupa" Accounting Team by Hanna Stöllinger and Nora Vaplon in Distributing Returns to Shareholders