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Girls in Dresden died after a meningococcal infection – further children examined

The case is shocking: in Dresden, Kita's child died as a result of the meningococcal infection.

A crib died at weekends, central German television reported on Wednesday.

Update: Three Year-Old from Dresden Kite dies from rare meningococcal infections

After the deaths of girls infected with meningokokis from Dresden's kindergarten, the authorities have Careful treatment of other children began, 37 children from kindergartens received two days of antibiotics in the form of a juice or a dragee, the administration of the Saxon state capital announced on Wednesday. Meningococcal bacteria, infections often lead to severe blood poisoning.

The three-year-old last visited the nursery on Friday, the next day Her health worsenedOn Monday, the kid was taken to a hospital where he died. The child's family now gains authority as a precautionary measure antibiotics.

Other children and guardians of kindergartens, who do not belong directly to kindergarten, are also offered on request. In total, according to the city, there are 150 children and 24 educators.

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Meningococcal: High Risk of Infection?

Meningococcal infections are caused by very close contact with people at short distances. Most of it happens in shape Infections drop through the nose and mouthIn two of the three cases, the infection manifests itself as meningitis. In one-third, there is poisoning of blood, in about every seventh to tenth case, even severe life-threatening septic shock.

Meningococcal infections are generally very rare in GermanyThe disease mostly affects young children up to the age of five and adolescents aged 15 to 19. However, infections are possible at any age. There are meningococcal vaccines, for all children of two years officially recommended in Germany.

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Original news: A child dies after a meningococcal infection

According to doctors, other children in kindergarten receive antibiotics every day. The city as a vehicle institution Tomorrow we will not know the details, According to MDR, the Saxony wants to inform the public about the case during the day. The doctor's findings on tragic death are still under way.

Bacteria usually resolve it meningitis out. However, according to federal data, meningococcal diseases are very rare in Germany: in the year there are only four cases per million people.

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Meningitis caused by tickles

Ticks can Early summer meningoencephalitis (TBE), It is a viral disease that progresses at different stages. In Phase I, FSME may be like summer flu. Stage II is much more critical: Viral disease here may affect the central nervous system. It then has meningitis, the so-called result of meningitis.

This becomes even more critical when FSME a Brain and spinal inflammation activateIn addition to meningitis symptoms, there are other symptoms such as weakened consciousness or mental changes.

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Meningococcal Infection: What Is Meningitis?

meningococcal infections usually causes one meningitis, so-called meningitis. meningitis, It causes inflammation of the brain or spinal cord, referred to as meninge in a technical sense.

Meningitis is divided into two forms, depending on the trigger:

  • Viral meningitis; this is the most common.
  • Bacterial meningitis; are caused by pneumococcal or meningococcal and occur less frequently.

There are different types of meningococcus. In Germany serotypes B and C are the most common. Prevention is best performed by vaccination against serum C, which also recommends the Permanent Commission for Vaccination (STIKO).

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