Great summer ABC care 2

Great summer ABC care

Summer is here! And here, from light make-up to cooling sprays, you'll find everything your skin needs to better feel the sun and better heat

Like a cover

Especially in the early days of the beach there is an increased risk of pimp because UV rays are a dense layer of dandruff and sebum can not be properly dropped. With a tinted BB sunscreen you can super hide stains – make sure the cream also has a protective SPF. The higher the better.

B like a box

If you often wear sandals and open shoes in the summer, you will quickly get squeezed and dry skin on the heels. This quick pedicure will solve the problem: add a few drops of New Zealand oil from the shelves of healthy food in a filled bath, soak your feet for a minute, then dry and then cream.

C like cooling

In Japan, cosmetic waters are bestsellers, here we barely know them. Their strength: they contain many minerals and hydrating agents and improve the effect of creams in creams. Application is simple: just clean the skin after cleansing the face and then keep it as usual. Refreshingly beautiful. Important: Always keep the products in the refrigerator.

I like a drink with vitamins

For beach and outdoor pools there is no more pleasing skin wrinkle: these drinks provide plenty of vitamin C, E and minerals. They protect the skin from damage to cells, eg B. sun.

E like ice cubes

Cheapest Teintverbönerer (primer): With dice twice across the entire face. Because of the cold, the skin grows, the skin immediately looks.

F for a pair of pajamas

Ideal for Heat: The basics with water-like, almost-flowing textures feel a special light on the skin. So the skin can still breathe and not sweat excessively.

How healthy shine

For a fresh, natural glow instead of care creams, just apply an oil serum. The light subtly reflects a gentle shining film and sparkles the summer wow effect.

H such as strengthening skin protection

Creams with SPF 30 or 50 are important, but you can do more to protect yourself from, for example, allergies to the sun. Those who feed beta-carotene (who regularly eat cane or carrots) can reduce the risk of sun-allergy and up to 50 percent.

I like instant boosters

Serapine ampoules are ideal companions due to their small size. Depending on your needs, they either provide more gloss, better skin regeneration overnight or anti aging effect. For this apply a serum before face care.

J like the jeans effect

The butt, as clear as in your favorite jeans – and also in a bikini? Of course, just with care, you will not get there, but it can help you. 5-minute bare massage and buying techniques have proven their value.

K eats like cherries

Currently, sweet fruits are in high season. Enjoy a few of them everyday. Cherries help to drain the body, their high mineral content strengthens hair and nails – and makes them more resistant to chlorine.

I like air patches

In the summer, creamy, light foam is the best facial cleanser. Not only are they refreshingly refreshed on the skin, but also wetted with glycerin.

M like shit

In English, so-called. Sprays that spray very fine, cold fog. A special thing for them: soothe and soothe sun-heated skin with moisturizing ingredients like algae extract and summer smell.

N like a naked look

The casual look is trendy and facilitates the release of excessive items such as powder, corrector or lipstick. Excellent side effect: the skin can breathe deeply and naturally radiate. If you feel completely naked then move up. It will help you with "A".

I like an orange cocktail

Our recipe for a healthy summer cocktail: Mix 70 ml of orange juice, tomatoes and apples with fresh roots of ginger and ground sunflower seeds. So you get a good dose of carotene, vitamins C and E – and protects your skin even better than free radical attack.

Pssst: These are new trend drinks during the summer!

P as a peeling

Stressed skin should not be overly irritated. Therefore, they should be gentle with body scrubbing. A Beautiful Side Effects: The skin is extremely gentle, dead skin cells removed, and urinated hairs have no chance.

Q as an instant jellyfish

Alas, burned! Distribute the shaving cream to the affected area, let it dry and scratch (pre-cleaned) plastic card in one direction. Removes the nettle and calms down.


R like roses

Relaxing after sunburn: 3-minute gentle massage with cream based on rose extract. They revere the cells, revitalize and hydrate the dry skin.

With SOS help

In the case of burns, envelopes soaked with green tea or lemon juice are a rescue. If this is too bulky, solitary wraps also bring it (just dip the towel into the sea water). Place on the affected area about ten minutes. Shaving cuts can stop bleeding with some child powders. By the way, the powder also helps against red on the bikini area. Apply immediately after shaving and distribution.

T like toasting – no, thank you

Please, sunbathe smart. This means:

Use SLSF 30 to 50
Sun Also use sunscreen in the shade
Tables Three tablespoons of whole body creams
NachRubble every two hours

As a vacation companion

After a long day on the beach, a particularly rich facial mask provides intense moisture with ingredients such as coconut oil, orange flower honey, apple saharide or hyaluronic acid.

V as burns

When you start a bikini, make sure that the metal parts do not lie directly on the skin. During sunbathing they can become unbearably hot.

I'd like a marvelous brush

Great idea for skin after sunburn: cleansing with a gentle face brush. After that, sunscreen products from the sunscreen product are even better absorbed.

X like an x-shape

For the skinny center of the body on the beach, these tips help: Morning, no carbonated water or fresh rolls such as croissants and not eating too fast. All this is up to the belly.

I love yoga on the beach

Research has shown that high oxygen content in the sea makes exercise more effective and more sensitive to skin.

How to get out

A light summer variant of perfume: fragrant body sprays, which additionally give bronze color on your hands, necklaces and feet. So your skin does not just look well-groomed, but it looks like the sun kissed her.