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How Gymnastics Helps Prevent Drugs


Give the children the confidence to say "no". That's what Sandra Schlarmann, the instructor of three children's gymnasiums in SV Petersdorf, is doing in a practical campaign "Make Children Strong". "Confidence and trust are strengthened in seven different stations that children end up alone or with their partner," explains Schlarmann.

Zoe, a six-year-old man, has put a close eye on one of the stairs and has to rely on his friend Emily, who runs the barrier path: "That was exciting and I have not done it yet But when Emily is near, I also dare to walk with my crotch over the eyes, "says Zoe," Emily adds, "Zoe continued," that's a sign to believe me.

"Children have a sense of accomplishment and receive praise and acknowledgment. This strengthens self-confidence, "Schlarmann points out. "Make Children Stronger" is the action of the Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA) and is described in the words "for life without addiction".

"It has been shown that self-confidence gained at an early age later has a positive effect," explains Schlarmann. Thus, children are less exposed to the risk of drug use under pressure from others.

Some parents around 30 children aged between five and eight years supported Schlarmann and told the children what they should do. "The support of parents in Petersdorf is really great," Schlarmann said, who also has to work with children on a daily basis as a kindergarten teacher in the Petersdorf kindergarten. On the other six stations, jumping, balancing, triple and throwing goals were among the themes of the program.

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