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I am a mother and that is the only thing that makes me self-sufficient every night …

A child (6-11 months) who helps mother perform yoga in the living room

As the first seven-month-old mother, I must admit I'm still surprised at my exhaustion at the end of the day. I've always enjoyed being busy, but having someone who depends on you can absolutely take the toll. As a mother, it is very important to appreciate my own health. I know that if I feel good and have energy, I will be a better mother and woman and work at a higher level in the workplace. To be sure I had time to put my well-being in the foreground, I devoted myself to training shortly after my son went to bed each night. I've found that a YouTube legal video service that lasts for at least 10 minutes has an incredible impact on my overall well-being.

My favorite yoga videos start with 1-2 minutes of eye closure and several deep breaths. It only helps me to re-establish my mood, focus on gratitude for my life and healthy body, and she leaves me behind. No matter how stressful I have been all day, in the first few minutes of yoga exercise I feel the tension of my body dissolves and my mind relaxes.

When the deep breathing is over, there is usually a slight stretching and work on the board. After spending most of the day carrying a 20-pound baby, drinking a bottle of champagne, walking with a dog, sitting on my computer and making a funny amount of laundry, it's pretty typical for me I feel stiff and stiff I have a pain in the upper and lower parts back – something I've never experienced before I was born baby! Stretching and prolonged breathing in my yoga practice helps in relieving muscle tension and generally leads to a much better sleep when I finish.

Maintenance of the board is a challenge, but it is a pleasure to carry your own body weight and feel strongly and controlled. Through day-to-day practice, I have increased the amount of time I can hold the boards, challenged myself and built some unique variations. I never push too hard because I want to be aware of what my body needs now. (Sometimes it's quieter than work!) Yoga gives me time to reflex and help me to create a connection between mind and body that I find difficult to find out of the gym.

Even if yoga does not help, I think it is important for all mothers to integrate little concern about themselves in everyday life. Just find out what's up to you. I think even if I only need 10 minutes a day to check with me, I'm a better mother – because if I take care of myself, I can take better care of my boyfriend too.