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It helps against sports acne

Exercises are fun and good for the body, it does not matter. Above all, our skin uses regular sports. It is finished and supplied with oxygen, which ensures shiny and healthy. In addition, toxins are eliminated and metabolism stimulates. All factors contributing to clean skin. So many more athletes still struggle with pimples after training.

The reason is the clogged pores. Sweating, friction and pressure through tight clothing ensure that the skin can not breathe. And that's the biggest risk factor for pimple.

"It is important to choose the fabric that can be breathed and washed with soap immediately after exercise so there are no residues of sweat on the skin",

explains Dr. Marianne Meli, Medical Director of Dermatological Practice at Zurich Dermanence. In order to prevent impurities, it is useful to train well before training because the foundation mixes with sweat and causes additional dust blockage. The same principle applies to hair products. So before training it is best to do without hairspray, wax and the like.

Also in the choice of sunscreen, outdoor athletes can oppose fearful acne. "What drives impurities is the content of sunscreen oil." Athletes must be careful when selecting products without oil or at least with low-consistency oils, such as gels or liquids. This much less clogs the pores. Sunscreen is only suitable for people with dry skin that need hydration, "says Dr. Med. Meli.

Nutritional supplements can also have a negative effect on glitter. The problem with the skin is increased protein intake. In addition, shaykins often contain vitamin B complexes that can lead to acne, "says Dr. Med. Martina Tröbinger. Recent studies have shown that dairy products are promoting acne. However, the biggest skin enemies are anabolic steroids used to build muscle. Even people who have never suffered from damaged skin can develop very severe acne with testosterone supplements.

In general, it is important to pay attention to hygiene. Fitness equipment is full of bacteria. It is mandatory to wipe the equipment with antibacterial cloth before use. And: after each exercise, take a fresh towel!