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It lends its glory to this beauty salon

Beauty comes from within – much quoted wisdom, which, besides the positive aura, naturally includes nutrition. Only those who eat a balanced diet give the body all the nutrients it needs to keep it healthy.

And it looks like in the exterior: who drinks enough, is happy because of pink and thicker skin, vitamins and minerals that let the skin radiate, enough protein provides tight connective tissue. Kourtney Kardashian knows this and has selected some of the best foods. The result is a beauty salad that accelerated rapidly and amplifies natural fat burning.

Kourtney Kardashian loves her beauty salad

In just 15 minutes, Kourtney ended snipping and blending her beauty salad – the food routine that dominated her sleep, as she explains on her blog "POOSH". Summer salad is perfect as a balanced lunch on the road because it is easy to digest and does not get tired after meals, as well as a low-carburant dinner that supports natural burning overnight.

Kourtney's adut is a good blend of nutritious ingredients from beauty salads and various ingredients. Because even a part covers a recommended German food community for 5 meals of fruits and vegetables a day and provides the body with vital nutrients.

For example, avocado and pine needles provide saturated vegetable protein and high quality omega-3 fatty acids, which help in weight loss. Paprika, cucumber, tomato and green salad give vitamins, minerals and, above all, fibers that provide a healthy intestinal flora and preserve the digestive system. In addition, they are naturally calorie and low in fat, which is why you can eat full green.

Is beauty salad really good?

The delicious beauty food Kourtney Kardashian united in this salad. Avocado and barley grains have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial activity thanks to omega-3 fatty acids and are particularly rich in antioxidants. It protects our cells from damage and oxidative stress that can prevent aging of the skin. Nutcracked nuts in cosmetic salad not only provide a neat fix, but also provide much vitamin E, which also has an antioxidant effect and is considered anti-age food.

As healthy as a beauty salad, of course, no miracle of beauty can be achieved by eating salads. Instead, the meal supports the body in many of its functions and supplies it with all the important things it needs for beauty. A healthy lifestyle with enough sleep, exercise and the lowest possible level of stress should be considered with good skin care and balanced nutrition.

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