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Life for Youth: Colditzer Hans-Dieter Fischer is a laureate

It's hard to run. Yet, it could become Hans-Dieter Fischer do not imagine being crouched at home. his Zoo is the best cure for him. Fresh air and above all animals help him during many dry spells. What a change of emotion: After a severe flu, he was lying in a coma for four weeks, but he thought, his last hour was beaten – then Honorary servicewhich, according to the cult definition Katja Meyer highest prize, city Colditz forgive.

"I was very happy for the award," says the 68-year-old director of the zoo. Every day he feeds animals, greets guests, and sends the assistants. Sixty acres of forest at the entrance to Colditz had a similar effect on his health: "134 trees were storming deep with Friederike, and the rest is now being watched by an anteroom." fisherman do not complain. The former boxer is fighting. And you can see that. Everything looks very well maintained.

Heart for weak

He has a heart not only for Lam Henry, the hooded Kuno and Pony Manne (named after his friend and former mayor). Manfred Heinz). It can also fit well into users of wheelchairs or children with cancer, its most virulent visitors. Family and Grandpa are like young people, for them 15 years ago Zoo from the country.

fisherman Strictly speaking, that's Zugereister, half Fischkoppa. He comes from the village SchwerinA trained chef early left Mecklenburg. He served the guests in the best houses: Palace of the Republic, Astoria, Barthels Hof. Wild, that was always his special mark. His love went through the belly and led him to Muldental. He trained as a slaughterer and took one butchery in Colditz.

Divert after unity

After the unit has expanded. Finally, he had five stores with 35 employees. He was too blue eyes, he says in retrospect. "We could have turned upside down – the supermarkets were simply too big, I could not compete with their prizes." He bankrupted and had to reorganize. fisherman she became hereditary father. With soul and body. His knights, night walk, and ghost lessons were legendary.

The world of the world did not enter and leave the Hainberg youth hostel. Also a local youth. It was Jano Baumeyer. Martin Opitz, Jörg Börner, Randy Zyma. Morris Uhlig, Markus and Lucien Haubenreißer, who joined the Colditzer canoe club Hans-Dieter Fischer and then the camp's operator Achim Münther previously established. At a time when Colditz on the map of water walkers there were still white spots.

I'm looking for an heir

She was 15 years old fisherman canoes before he managed the club in his younger hands. Since then, the pensioner has focused on his zoo. His idea came to him as a father of hostel. "I needed another attraction for many school classes. It should be a natural quiz. He said he did. "Looking for his life-work fisherman long term for heirs. When he finds him, he will be there for his sheep, pigs, goats, and raccoons.

Enjoys every day. It could be so nice for some people to unnecessarily complicate their lives: "Since the shelter for Lastau's animals is closed, people reveal their dogs and cats, but we are not a shelter." Former mayor and patron Manfred Heinz can only underline: " fisherman There must be a lot of work here. "Did he know that Pony Manne was wearing his name?" Heinz he laughed: "Of course, but I did not drive yet.

from Haig Latchinian