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Make yourself nails or just let it inspire you

nail polish in dark blue and white golden accents

In summer, the sea looks again a trend! Also nails! If you are looking for inspiration for your nail to vacation, you are in the right place. We'll show you how to paint beautiful nautical nails yourself. This tutorial may take some time, but the result is self-explanatory. And if you like, you can also add some small nail elements, such as nail stickers, stoneware or stamping as a climax.

Nail nails: So manicure works at home

Painting nautical nails Motives draw ideas

You need the following:

Coating, primer
Nail polish in white, dark red and red
Fine nail brush, Fineliner
A small piece of makeup sponges
Acetone and flat nail brush
Nail polish
Spinning tool (or just a few toothpicks)
Top quality nail polish

1. First, paint the nail with a transparent primer. Now apply 2 layers of paint. White and dark blue are the best for this. Here's a finger and a small finger painted in white. Thumb, index finger and middle finger in dark blue color.

Creating nail by sea Anchoring Instructions

2. Using thin brushes and white paint the anchor. This is not as difficult as it does at first glance.

3. Now take the dotting tool (or instead use a toothpick) and paint a little red heart with the anchor.

4. With a tweezel, take a small piece of sponge and dip in a white color (first put a nail polish on the piece of foil). Now wipe gently with a sponge on the tip of the nail.

Navy nails look like a rescue belt

5. Using a white nail polish and a thin brush, paint the base of the life raft.

6. Again, take the dotted tool and make red accents. It's easier if you first make a small point, then gradually distribute the color.

7. It is now a good idea to clean the skin around your nail. Just take your brush, dip it in acetone and put your finger.

Make nails on the sea in a striped look

8. The following two nails, a ring and a small finger, are colored with a striped look. Take the strap band and place it parallel to the nail surface.

9. Now paint your nail with a red nail polish. While nail varnish is still wet, immediately remove the tape with a tweezer.

10. Repeat the method of gluing the tape to the other nail. Then apply red and blue to create a beautiful two-color design. The split line should be exactly one of the trim strips.

The nails in seagoing themselves are the right lines of navy dresses

11. Remove the ribbons. Use a toothbrush or a thin brush for the points. So you can even hide small mistakes.

12. Finally, just apply Topcoat and let it dry. Almost!

sea ​​nails for summer red-blue white gold sticker

This manicure is actually very beautiful and not too glittering. You can handle it with any type of clothing. The most attractive thing in the nail design is to match all other marine motifs. Try it with boats, ropes, shells, etc. The overall picture remains beautiful anyway!

Summer nails with navy stripes look red in white and blue

Otherwise, nail stickers are a great way to create nautical motifs on nails! Without painting! These self-adhesive nail stickers are very easy to handle and easy to remove with nail polish remover. Paste the desired motif on a dry nail polish or overcoated gel / shawl and all sewn on the top layer for a longer-lasting look.

Browse our picture gallery to find more inspiration and great nail designs!

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