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New Trend of Weight Loss From America: So effective is the "Switchel" against abdominal fat

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Summer is approaching, so many invite their bacon to fight. A new, healthy, opulent drink promise quick weight loss. What Can Trend Trend Can Do?

Apple cider vinegar, ginger and lemon: This super van needs to melt pounds fast! A new trend from America sounds too good to be true: "Switchel" is the name of a drink that not only has a good taste but also increases your metabolism. Result: boring hip gold should be a thing of the past. But does this really work?

A light cocktail stimulates digestion and metabolism

Those who want to lose weight should pay attention to a lot of exercise and balanced nutrition. Here is a trendy beverage from the United States: apple vinegar, ginger juice, contains substances, which stimulate digestion, quench hunger and support the immune systemas reported by Health Portal

Apple vinegar and lemon are basic foods that have a positive effect on the pH of the body and have a digestive effect. Also, the desire to feed should prevent two ingredients. Ginger is also an important part of the dietary drink: The root contains capsaicin and gingerol which, because of their sharpness, have a heating effectAs a result, the body is better supplied with blood and cooled by sweating, which triggers metabolism and thus consumes calories.

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Do you "Switchel" Help Weight Loss?

Ginger is also responsible for other health benefits, including the anti-inflammatory effect of tubers. Even with digestive disturbances and nausea this feeling of fullness of ginger is used as a tea as a home remedy.

Whether "Switchel" actually supports weight loss is true is not scientifically provenBut there are also those who swear in a new diet. There is also a drink ready for purchase. But it is also easy to make yourself.

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Switchel recipe: eat apple vinegar and ginger


  • brilliant ginger
  • 1.5 liters of water
  • 180 ml of honey or maple syrup
  • 120 ml of apple vinegar
  • 60 ml lemon juice

Clean ginger, cubes and cook 1.5 l of water in the pan. Add the ginger, boil for two minutes and remove the hot pot. The mixture should be withdrawn about 20 minutes before adding any other ingredients. "Switchel" can be hot or cold.

Video: Slimming with Switchel – How to prepare a trend of summer drink

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