Nothing Like Wax: Ready for Holidays With Bielefeld Hair Removal 2

Nothing Like Wax: Ready for Holidays With Bielefeld Hair Removal

Your Beauty Beauty Salon in Bielefeld

Your Beauty Beauty Salon in Bielefeld

When summer temperatures return to beaches and swimming pools, for many it's not just time for bikini figurines, but also for silky smooth and over-wrinkle skin. If you want to put your body in the focus of these days, you usually do it without hair, because smooth skin looks clean, young and sexy. Therefore, it is no surprise that both men and women in Germany are increasingly seeking professional beauty salons like your beauty club in Bielefeld ( for hair removal. But what method of hair removal promises the best results?

Hair Removal: Shaving or Depilation?

One of the ways to remove hair is classic shaving. The benefits of this method are obvious: it is fast, painless and inexpensive. However, many men and women rely on other methods of depilation because wet shavings also cause some disadvantages. Anyone who regularly uses the razor knows that the hair removed often reoccurs in a very short time (after about 1-3 days) and that, in addition, there are often cuts or skin irritations.

No wonder the cosmetic industry went on a quest for a more tolerable and long-lasting method. Result: Waxing. While classic hair shave removes hair above the skin's surface, depilation removes hair and root. It causes hair re-creation after 2-3 weeks and until then the skin remains smooth and silky – without any skin irritation or cuts. Whether it is for feet, buttocks or body waxing, Waxing is versatile and removes hair reliably and cleanly. Where's the catch? Although Waxing, not only in the cosmetic salons in Bielefeld (, the method of choice, there is also a small shortage. What many people think is uncomfortable is the spiky hair removal. The fact that hair is removed together with their roots, strong adjustments can not be prevented – at least not for the first time. However, those who are accustomed to the procedure, for whom it is always comfortable and no later than when we look at the smooth skin, the pain is often completely forgotten. Especially in view of the upcoming holiday, it is tempting for a short time to withstand pounding in order to enjoy the whole vacant holiday.

Waxing with Wax or Cold Wax: Where's the Difference?

Removing hair with warm wax and cold wax is basically the same – both methods get boring hairs removed. So where's the difference or maybe not?

For use at home, many wear cold wool strips. This is the simple reason that the tapes are practical and no further hair removal preparation is required. Simply warm cold wrap strips shortly between your hand, lower the handset, tighten the skin, and pull the straps. Sounds practical? And that is also. However, there is also a cold wax strip that often leads to skin irritation and small pimple on sensitive skin, and the wax layer is very thin, which does not remove all hair.

Waxing with hot wax, however, requires little time to prepare – unless you are worried about visiting a cosmetic salon and taking over a cosmetician's job.

Who wants to spend hair removal with hot wax in their own four walls, wax can usually be purchased in a pot. Before you begin, the wax must be heated in the water bath. Then it is applied with a scoop on the skin. Just as the shoulder should be included in the set of fabric strips that were pressed on warm wax and pulled out after a short cure. The fact that wax warm opens skin pores, which is why it is less irritated. This hair removal method therefore makes it more enjoyable for many. If the depilation is performed by a professional cosmetologist, you can comfortably accommodate and relax, and all leave to the experts, but when using at home you should pay attention to the right temperature. Too much hot wax can cause burns, and when cold does not have the desired effect.

Which method of depilation ultimately decides the question of personal taste because it is applied correctly, both variants are effective and provide a whole silent, smooth skin that can be seen!

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