OÖN Health Day - "Complete Success" 2

OÖN Health Day – "Complete Success"

The sun shone extensively outside, as well as on light-flooded (and pleasantly air-conditioned) gallery walkways, the mood was perfect: On Wednesday, ON along with Uniqa-Versicherung, OGesundheitsholding, Kepler University Hospital and FH Health Professors called on ON ON Day health. And as the premier last year, it was again "a complete success". About 800 visitors were thrilled.

Throughout the day, the upper Austrians could check from head to toe, and there were also doctors in conversations and personal questions that were at your disposal. New this year: three workshops – including dance courses – and guest guest star Benjamin Raich.

Majestic opening guests

The opening remarks of Upper Austria's health policy came as Christine Haberlander, who once thanked everyone, "who made this great day possible," the provincial deputy said. "Here you will learn a lot of new things for your health and get the tips and tricks you can apply at home." Because not only are the great measures worthwhile, "often even small things bring a lot. For example, I personally require enough drinking water and I prefer going to the stairs instead of the elevator."

This day of health is not known to the new director of health holding Franz Harnoncourt from time in Germany. "It's really impressive that a large media company joins insurance companies and spitters to help boost Austrians' health." He considers himself a "classmate" at the time of prevention, claims the director. "Exercise, nature and healthy food – at least most of the time."

Video article on this subject is also available on ON-TV:

The precautionary issue is also in the first place for Hans Christiana Schwarz of Uniq. "We do not just want people to have good medical care. We also want to help things not get that far. Vital trainers, for example, help in creating custom fitness programs for their clients. "It's also important to give people fun in terms of health and fitness." By the way, he also has regular "tricky" coaching lessons. "I try to be a good model for my children."

Heinz Brock, medical director of the University Clinic Kepler, is sometimes a "poor man," as he admits. "But of course I am absolutely convinced that you should actively do something for your health, because it is still valid: Prevention is better than treatment.

Editor-in-Chief Gerald Mandlbauer was delighted by the big public at HE Health Day. "We journalists not only report on what is happening in the land, but also try to show the areas of people's lives – and every Sunday plays an important role in health with our weekly magazine. That is why ON, together with Uniqo and Gespagom, launched ON Health Tour four years ago.

And how does the editor keep it in shape? "I could not live without sport," he said. "And once a year I go for an examination."



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