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Perfect Pride Hairstyles: Rainbow Box Braids!

What is Pride?

The word "proud" in English means "pride" and signifies self-confidence, self-esteem and therefore in that context He is proud of his sexual orientation and gender identity. Proud month every June. During that time and in the next few weeks, people all over the world are coming to the streets and to demonstrate the rights and visibility of the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ is a collective term for persons who are not heterosexual or whose gender identity does not correspond to the male and female model. Letters are for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. Here people celebrate as they are! Even if the focus is clearly on the Queeren community, of course, all those Pride mitfeierns, which do not belong to this community.

What are Rainbow Boxes?

Since the most common symbol of pride of long flags, Rainbow Box braids are the perfect hairstyle of the Pride. Mostly, Rainbow Braids are nothing more than a lot of thin knitted braids with synthetic hair in dyed colors. The goal is a nice gradient that looks like a long one: From purple and blue, over green and yellow, to orange and red. The color is horizontal or vertical. By the way: It looks particularly nice when the braids are long and thin down. So cool "Space Buns" or high pork bacon can be easily shaped with a few simple steps.

So you can imitate the hairstyle of the Rainbow Box braid

Plain braids are not simple. So it's better to leave a professional behind. It is best to ask Afro Shop if they would be ready to wear the Rainbow Box braid. Alternatively, you can also view the YouTube Guide and try to follow the instructions there. Of course, you can also use a little thin version of the Rainbow Box braid and simply tap a few synthetic hairs in the rainbow color into natural hair.