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Pimples on the scalp: cause, tips and treatment

Pimples can occur anywhere on our skin – even on the scalp. Since scalp is usually covered with a large amount of hair, we simply do not notice it so often.

The causes of pimples on the scalp

Causes can be numerous, including:

  • allergy: Do you have a new detergent or a shampoo? Pimples on the scalp may be an allergic reaction. To be sure, you can pass a test with a specialist or be tested in advance by omitting potential allergens.
  • hormones: Hormone changes due to, for example, stress, puberty or menstruation can also lead to unpleasant pustules.
  • Wrong treatment: Sweat, remnants of hair care products or dead skin cells can cause pores to clog and cause pimples.
  • Irritation / Damage: Permanent Friction at Hat & Co irritates the scalp. If the scalp is even damaged, such as shaving, follicles may ignite, small pustules may appear.

Pimples on the Toe: You can do this

Generally, do not say puddles! This can do more harm than help you. We present 5 home remedies and measures that really help.

  1. Use appropriate shampoos: Use a mild shampoo with a low pH. Antibacterial shampoos clean the scalp and help bacteria from the uterus.
  2. Regular hair care: Wash your hair regularly (approximately every two days) and always after exercise, cope with dirt and sweat.
  3. wash: Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect and can alleviate itching. Prepare to clean the chamomile and warm water flowers, stop making it after ten minutes. If the soup is lukewarm, pour it over the head. The regenerator stays in hair.
  4. Tea Tree Oil: It is known that the oil is disinfected and dehydrated. Therefore, be careful with the dose, maybe you should dilute it with water before putting it on the pimple.
  5. Protect your scalpAvoid anything that can damage the scalp, if possible. Hair dryers, hair curlers, hair dryers, hair dyels and hair supplements are left out and put in an alternative. You can also let your hair dry in the air, instead of curling iron, you can also perform beach waves overnight – which are currently in full swing mode.

Here you can find more tips for scarring and dry scalp. And here you will find everything you need to know about acne on your back.

Did not any of the tips help? Pimples are coming back all the time? If home remedies and proper care are not working, consult a physician. Diseases can also be behind the pimple.

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