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Simone lost 92 pounds – her bikini pictures were completely wordless

Simone Anderson made the decision and lost 92 pounds. However, he was also attacked for "how".

Wellington – Incredibly 92 pounds Simone Anderson has shrunk to her own info! Almost two pounds. New Zealanders see many as role models, who are also unhappy with the body and want to lose weight. More than 300,000 people are on Instagram. There he publishes images that document its transformation. And amazing new bikini photos. But "how" their transformation also caused criticism.

In February, she describes a long trip retrospectively. "What a trip this was!", This begins. One day, everything changed: "On August 29, 2014, I made the decision to change my lifestyle once and for all. I changed my diet and started swimming and running because they are the only exercises my body can handle with 169 kg.

The measures were probably effective. A few months later she would lose almost 20 pounds, "but the food still controls my life."

Operational Diet Diet: Simone Anderson was undergoing gastrointestinal surgery

Simone Anderson searched the knife for a long time. And subjected to tubular stomach surgery. Simply put, it reduced the stomach so that the food became more tired. "The next year I lost another 72 kg, so I lost a total of 92 kg." As my body lost weight, I was able to increase the intensity of the exercise I made, all I tried was boxing, running, training strength and liked everything The feeling that my body does things physically incapable of doing was the most motivating feeling.

Simone Anderson is at OP's target

However, Simone Anderson was said to have many enemies. Because she chose a supposedly simple way of surgery. "Stomach surgery is an easy way," "You're such a fake bitch, stop trying to look like Barbie," she commented. "At the end of the day I can stay true to myself and my trip."

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What a trip it was! On August 29, 2014, I made a decision and wanted to change my lifestyle and for everything, and my body could handle 169kg. A few months later I lost almost 20 pounds, but I would say that I would like my healthy breakfast to dream of morning tea. Gastric Surgery What is the ultimate tool that I need to transform my eating habit. In the year that followed, I lost 72 kg, which is why I lost 92 kg. I was doing the job I was doing. I tried everything! The feeling that my body does not feel like the most motivating feeling. As my weight dropped my social media following, my Tyra Banks show, many motivational conversations, TV and radio interviews, and even my first book! Then I flew all the way to the United States to undergo skin removal with the talented @drrepta_plasticsurgery that transformed my body. I made every single decision. "Gastric Surgery is the Easy Way to Get Out", "Look for a bitch to try to look like a barbie". At the end of the day I can stay faithful to my own trip. I knew I had to change my life and made the steps to do it. I'm no longer overweight and I'm struggling for everyday tasks, I've removed my skin and stopped. I'm proud of myself and I want to live my life on me.

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Subsequently, a further operation was performed – so that the raised skin was removed and the root was corrected. Simone Anderson polarized with the way he took on a relatively large operational aid in their transformation.

But the result is always impressive – and photos before and after inspiration are to many who are dissatisfied with their weight. Especially because others like Josephine Desgrand managed without gastrointestinal surgery – here it explains their recipe for success. * even announces a pair who changed lifestyle and lost 262 pounds.

The 45-year-old British was left in an extremely unhealthy way of life. As long as his grandson did not ask a question that radically changed his life.


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