Smoked Eggs: There was a pound loss 2

Smoked Eggs: There was a pound loss

The pressure to get the perfect bikini body grows day by day, but who wants to give up and torture 24 hours a day in the gym? Nobody! That's why we started looking for a diet we do not have to limit so well …

Most diets bring many limitations and there is usually a fatal error: Because of unilateral eating comes after the end of the baby the often frightening yo-yo effect and painfully treated pounds are back on the stomach, hips and buttocks. Those who want to permanently reduce their weight and in a healthy way, First of all, be careful about his blood sugar level. It can be easily controlled by a certain commodity: scrambled eggs.

This is how eggs help in weight loss

Anyone who is more concerned with the diet, may have noticed that carbohydrates are often taboo, while protein foods are particularly popular on the menu. It also has a very specific reason: Proteins stimulate metabolism, especially fat metabolism, calories are faster to burn, and simultaneously prolong and stimulate muscle growth. If there are protein-rich foods, they are eggs. They are absolutely a miracle weapon in the fight for over a pound of us after consuming much longer and our blood sugar levels remain constantwhy the unpleasant craving for food belongs to history. It's just a secret child with stuffed eggs and how it works, we discover it now.

Coded eggs: it works

Instead of changing the entire menu, We just need to adjust our breakfast for the nutrition of egg yolks. Instead of picking pie, toast and Co., a deliciously-flavored egg is now part of the most important meal a day. This can be rounded with fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, mushrooms or spice plants, so it does not become boring. Lunch and dinner, however, are not subject to any special requirements, but here Pay attention to a balanced diet and a sufficient amount of liquid of about two liters. Proteins found in non-flesh, vegetables, fruit, and even some carbohydrates (albeit a healthy variety found in whole wheat grain products) should take into account most of your meals, while sweet products should not be used too often. Of course, an evening piece of chocolate is permitted

If you can exercise regularly, such as strength training, jogging or a relaxed yoga program that you can try at YogaEasy for two weeks free, you will have much more successful success. đŸ’ȘđŸ»

That is why the diet really works

Do not you believe that diet really does what it promises? We can only understand this very well after all the wrong steps but the effectiveness of this change in nutrition has been proven in several studies. These have been discovered by researchers from the University of Missouri At the end of the day, people who consume eggs in the morning, instead of carbohydrates, spend on average 135 calories less. This is because the proteins contained in the vessel inhibit the release of the glandular aging hormones and simultaneously stimulate the YY saturation hormone peptide. If that does not sound promising ?!

Of course we have you we chose our favorite recipe for a smoked egg, which is often in the breakfast table editor 😋:

Classic Kaygana (2 Servings)


4 eggs of medium size

100 ml of raw milk

Fresh parsley

1 salt salt

1 finger prick


1. Mix the eggs in the bowl with a powerful spinner until the resulting mass is formed. Then add the milk.

Spice a mixture of salt, pepper and parsley.

3. Then stop the egg mixture in a heated, oily pan with regular stirring. VoilĂ , ready is a tasty breakfast, which also brings the weight that can dissolve!

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