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The project is appreciated in the country

NWDüsseldorf / Olpe.The Department of Health of the County of Olpe received the "Health Prize North Rhine-Westphalia 2019". Under the state initiative "Healthy North Rhine-Westphalia – Innovative Projects in Health Care", the project "Healthy and fit in old age in Olpe district" was awarded.

At the ceremony at the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Welfare, Minister Karl-Josef Laumann (CDU) handed over the document to Administrator Frank Beckehoff. The prize was awarded with a prize of 5000 euros.

"Five winning projects show an example," says Minister Laumann, to improve prevention of smart ideas. With the reward of health I want to give examples of successful prevention and encourage others to imitate.

Administrator Beckehoff was pleased with the high prize. "The Health Award confirms that we are on the right track. It would be nice if future facilities in the Olpe district and beyond would be in the future at the facilities for prevention."

The aim of the program, which is basically based on Dr. Med. Bettina Adams has been developed to help older people living in hospital facilities to improve their health and skills that they need. For this purpose, there will be included care institutions, which will train trainers from their ranks, who will conduct bidding for residents in the field of exercise. In addition, institutions can check their food and, if necessary, improve them.

After successful implementation, the district health department confirms facilities for "exercise" and / or "diet" areas. Meanwhile, eleven hospital facilities in the Olpe district received such confirmation.

Contact person is Dr. honey. Bettina Adams, tel. (0 27 61) 8 14 35, E-mail, advises those who are interested in the project.