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The risk of hormones from the environment: "planet e." on ZDF on hormone-active substances (PHOTO)

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Mainz (ots) –

In many plastic products, cosmetics, automotive equipment and even in
Eat blocked hormone-active substances, obesity, asthma,
Allergies and even can cause cancer.
The World Health Organization identified 800 substances
are hormone-effective. Even small amounts of those surrounding hormones
can upset the human body. On Sunday 23.
June 2019, 4:30 pm, illuminated "planet e." at ZDF in "Risk
Ecological Hormones – When the Body Makes the "Influence"
hormone-active substances and ways to prevent it
protect. In the ZDF Media documentation, from Friday, June 21st
June 2019, 10:00.

In Leipzig Helmholtz Environmental Research Center,
Biologist Dr. Gunda Herberth for ten years as early contact
with environmental toxins can affect the immune system of children. already
In the womb, unborn adolescent hormones of the environment last for many years
later to lead to allergies and atopic dermatitis. Next
Long-term studies are being studied by scientists from all over the world
numerous hormone-active substances are obesity and diabetes
to promote and influence the reproduction.

Recent research shows that the thickness does not appear
just by tearing. Because environmental hormones can
affect the way the body handles food – some substances
even suspected of causing cancer.

One of the most common hormones in the environment is
a chemical compound Bisphenol A, which is found in many plastics.
Because of consumer pressure, the substance really came out
expelled numerous products. However, this is still completely prohibited
not. Alternatively, drinking water bottles, baby bottles,
Pacifers and sippy glasses of plastic Tritan copolyester
produced. But they also have replacements that are being processed in Tritana
They act as hormone-active factors, as researchers from Goethe University in
Frankfurt discovered. Much more replacement for the market
they are also hormone-active.

"Planet e." Documentary is processing the documentation
"Dangerous environmental hormones", which is already seen in 3sat.

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