Thus the city wrestles with oak moth 2

Thus the city wrestles with oak moth

A big whirlwind around the little butterfly: Eichprozessions Spinner is on everybody's lips. So now in the Civil Service Committee on Tuesday. Michael SothmannThe manager of the Civil Service Unit explained to members of the current city's action: the insect nest is the first of all.

Hair on wash contain nettles poison

Everywhere in the city there are reports of the great gespinnstartigen The caterpillar nest. Hair on wash include one nettles poison Copolence, which causes allergic reactions and can remain effective for up to four years. Hail Wolfsburg removes nests in acute locations such as day care centers, hospitals, retirement homes and schools with the help of large suits. "It's long-lasting and expensive, but ecologically and quickly."

Oak Moth: In Wolfsburg there are accents

in Wolfsburg At present there are fires where moths appear: besides K 47 between Kreuzheide and Brackstedt, 74 trees have been affected, currently sucked. In VW baths, as well as in the northern cemetery, trees are closed, in Rabenberg, in Wendschottu, Hageberg and Nordstad there are also oak trees.

At request AFD explained Sothmann: "There are no control measures in the city forests, we are thinking about the appropriate signs."

Spraying of poison: danger to the entire ecosystem

Michael KühnA city civilian for nature protection pointed at the danger of poisoning as it is currently Gifhorn District it happens, "Not only wash Of oak procesionary moths are also killed all other insects such as bees and butterflies. "The whole ecosystem of the forest is so paralyzed. In response to a heated discussion at the climate change committee, he said bold: "We are talking about climate change, and what we can do." Everything depends on each other. "Because: Summer is getting warmer and dry – the oak processor likes to be dry and warm.

Development in the battle against oak procession moth

from Claudia Jeske