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When c was the Goethe gallery

When c was the Goethe gallery 2
On June 25, Cedocs will host a film night dedicated to the history of contemporary art in South Tyrol, where will be screened the documentary film "When is the gallery Goethe", presented by Alessandro Casciaro.

Goethe-Galerie was founded in 1964 according to the idea of ​​Ennio Casciaro and was the first private gallery in Bolzano, Mustergasse. "My dad decided to open the gallery after a long work at the Dominican Square in Spadari's workshop – says Alessandro Casciaro – it certainly was almost a jump in the gap, but the knowledge of many artists (including Karl Plattner) and personal passion gave him enough confidence to overcome Over the years, Goethe-Galerie (which was named after the street where she lived for several years) was created through collaboration with countless and renowned artists (from Morandi to De Chirica) and some of the most important international institutions in the field of Modern and Contemporary Art is for more than fifty years of contemporary art, and the gallery still exists and maintains the same spirit as a "platform for the exchange of ideas" between artists, collectors and art lovers.It is today in Kapuzinergasse and carries the name of his son Alessandra Casciaro, who had the burden of bringing this reality into today's world, not just from the local or national, but also from international connections that are fast and steady to change. "In the last fifteen years, everything has changed, not only in the field of art, and this change affects every kind of profession, it must be able to maintain its identity with the spirit of change, adapt to the world of connectivity. The happiness of art galleries is that the object is always unique, The way to play it, those who are interested in this type of art or artist must come to the gallery. About these topics and many other interesting topics will be discussed at a conference on June 25 at 6 pm in Alessandro Casciar's Cedoccio.

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