With confidence in the second round 2

With confidence in the second round

/ Grenoble

Several autographs for traveling fans, coffee for a national coach – then good-natured German footballers went to the first mountain stage of their "Tour de France". On the fourth leg of the Montpellier World Championships in Winter Sports Resort Grenoble, the double world champion as the winner of the group had a lot of confidence in the trunk.

"Certainly, now it's getting serious, there's a knockout game." But I'm pretty sure we'll be running on a mountain stage, "said Lina Magull, midfielder nearly four hours ago. The bus left after 4-0 (3: 0) against South Africa to the station Montpellier, then with an express train TGV for Valence and then with a bus to the 1968 Olympic Games. With nine points in three matches without a bare throat – but without opponents. Which of the top ranks of the A, C or D DFB teams meets this Saturday (17.30 hours / ZDF), can decide only two days before the start of the match.

"It's not strange for me, because I do not care who we play," Magull said. "Come on, whoever wants us, we'll do it." The FC Bayern boss had his own powerful start-up debut in front of the World Cup. The Stade de la Mosson players were crowned with the final ball (58 minutes). It is also important: Positive response from home. Again, almost six million viewers on TVs, even one million more than starting at 21 in the European Championships (3: 1 against Denmark) – the number arrived well in France.