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With these 8 tips armed today against hot days

20 June 2019 – 11:20 pm

Hot air Sahara brings warmth to Germany

Finally, Summer's here! It was really time after the cold spring. But now the real hammer is coming: According to our colleagues from the next week in Germany will be about 40 degrees hot! Pooh …

So you should think about changing clothes, groceries, skin care, and more. With our list of heat you can buy relaxed and fully equipped to face the glittering air of Sahara.

Purchase list for hot days:

linen dress green

Bedding is the perfect material for sweating as little as possible.

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Bed linen and cotton clothing

Wear airborne clothing, preferably from natural materials – such as a gorgeous cotton or woolen dress *. This also applies to bedding: in bed linen, we are sweating less than in towel towels. And wear fairly bright colors that reflect the sun's brightness and do not heat up as fast as dark clothes.

Cooling pads and thermal sprays

Chill the feet with the cooling pads * between them. Especially during session activities, your feet can swell and feel hot. The thermal water spray *, which once was in the fridge, provides a refreshing facial cooling.

Fish and vegetables rich in water

Prefered light meals such as fish, fruit and vegetables rich in water. What about a refreshing salad of watermelon? Or fruit sushi?

Mineral water rich in sodium

Drink more than usual, it is ideal to arrange about 2-3 liters of water during the day. It is best to always have a bottle of water. In the heat of the body it consumes more sodium – so it is advisable to drink mineral water rich in sodium. Even lukewarm, unresponsive tea restores the body under normal temperatures.

cooling fan

Especially on the bus and train worth the gold: fan.

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cooling fan

If the air is hot and freezing, the fan * is absolutely a secret weapon – especially in public transport you no longer want to miss it.

cooling fan

The fan * provides cooling air circulation, either at home or in the office. Here, however, you should first ask your colleagues whether to interfere with the noise. But they're probably grateful for every breeze. By the way, the air conditioner warning is recommended: Through it the germs can spread more easily.

suntan lotion

In the summer season the sun is burning particularly strongly. Above all, anyone who goes outdoors during the lunchtime should be protected with sunscreen with a high sun protection factor * from harmful UV rays – your skin will thank you because sunburns can not be taken lightly!


Residents of countries where the sun shines throughout the year, know exactly why they are taking sombrero and Co.: The head is exposed to infrared sunlight, endangers sunlight and heat stroke. Head covers such as scarves, hats or straw hat * not only protect, but are really elegant!

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