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Wunderwaffe Hyaluron: It works in your skin!

Hyaluron is a weapon against aging. Serums, concentrates or creams with a mega-active ingredient provide moisture for your skin and smear uncomfortable wrinkles. But how exactly does it work? And in what form is most hyaluronic acid most effective?

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Every woman has to go through it: up to 30 years, our skin is still tight and thick. Shortly afterwards, we notice the first wrinkles, and in 40 we have already tried every anti-aging product that exists in the world of cosmetics. This is a normal process and we certainly should not emphasize this.

After all, we are not totally helpless: there are active ingredients in cosmetics Prevent wrinkles and even efficiently smoothed. One of them is hyaluronium. Because of his compatibility Hyaluron is considered an anti-aging drug at the initial level. But what exactly does it work with our skin? We looked closely at the miracle drug.

Hyaluron – what is it?

Hyaluron does not come from a chemical lab, but is an endogenous substance. It is in the layers of your skin and is responsible for binding and storing water. So the skin retains its own Elasticity and resistance – Looks proud and young.

However, since the 25th year, the production of hialuron is decreasing. Moisture is no longer sufficiently tied and can escape from the cell The skin becomes younger and dryThen you need help – and hyalurons in cosmetic form.

Rescue: hyaluronic acid capsules!

Of course, you can do a little bit against the aging process and your genes. However, you can support your body with additional hyaluronic acid: Skin Glow complex capsules through the micro-molecular structure of hyaluronic acid provide excellent body absorption – along with taking them Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 For sensitive, healthy and well-hydrated skin that looks as if shining inside, high doses of vegan hyaluronic acid capsules are just a matter of fact. Our anti-wrinkle tip prevents even tired tons, cellulites and blackheads – Here you can immediately fill the natural capsules: with one capsule daily skin we do something good – this is worth our beauty with 90 capsules for 19.95 € all!

Therefore, nourish hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid acts as a sponge: Up to six liters of water can bind one gram of hyaluronic acid. To make this impressive process happen in our skin, hyalurons must first be transported there – with cream and serum or syringe.

If you use a cream or serum, you need to be loud "Femelle" Ensure that the molecular nature of the hyalurons in the product is low enough. Otherwise, the active ingredient the top layer of skin is not happeningTherefore, cosmetics should work with low molecular weight hyalurons.

Alternative: hyaluronic capsule

Since the nature of the used hyalurons can not be accurately identified, some women rely on a hyaluronic syringe or oral capsule.

The latter offers the advantage that your skin is treated not only locally but also with hyalurons due to swallowing works on the whole body. So you can fight not only from wrinkles on your face, but even with cellulite. Warmhearted!

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