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Zistersdorf is a community of "nature in the garden"

Zistersdorf. "The municipality of Zistersdorf refrains from the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides as well as peat", says state adviser Martin Eichtinger

By decision of the municipal council, the municipality confirmed that parks and public green areas in the future according to the criteria of "nature in the garden" are maintained without chemical synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and peat. "Eco-friendly care of Zistersdorf makes Zistersdorf even more pleasant for its residents," congratulates County Councilman Martin Eichtinger, and Mayor Helmut Doschek follows the goal of ecological management in his municipality: "As a community in nature, we are committed to the ecological management of our green area. and at the same time we live our prominent role to our citizens.

Lower Austria on the way to gardens without pesticides

Currently, 153 cities and municipalities in Lower Austria refrain from using synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides as well as peat for maintenance of public green areas. Communities of "nature in the garden" show how the design and ecology of green space can be combined. Chemical pesticides are replaced by organic treatment by biological means or by mechanical or thermal procedures such as hot water, burns or hot foam. Site-appropriate, multi-year plantations make the communities blooming green bloom in a new way.