A job with insomnia 2

A job with insomnia

Valerijanu for ten euros or a special 200-euro blanket? If you are looking for sleeping problems on the internet, you get an impression that a relaxing night is just one thing: a set. An industry that covers almost all aspects of the sleeping theme has been established. Programs measuring drowsiness, nutritional supplements are designed to help people fall asleep, and physical aids improve the quality of sleep.

Hans-Günter Weeß also notes that sleeping is commercialized: "It's also easy because there are not enough health care services for people with insomnia," says a member of the German Sleeping Society (DGSM).

Add to that the fact that night sleep today has greater value than it was – and because of research. "We can prove very well that sleep is an important program for people's recovery and regeneration," says Weeß, who heads the Interdisciplinary Center for Sleep at the Palatin Clinic in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Valerian, high doses

According to the Robert Koch Institute, nearly six per cent of people in Germany suffer from sleeping or sleeping difficulties. Who has sleep problems often resort to tablets. According to information from the Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, EUR 228 million will be spent on sleeping pills and relaxation supplements per year – with a growing trend. Preparations are among the top 10 best prescription medicines with the highest income.

Problem: many herbal remedies lack of studies that prove effectiveness. "If something helps, then in the light sleep disorders most of Valerian high doses," says Weeß. If there is a risk of jet lag due to weak sleep and sleep, melatonin without a prescription also seems useful – but only then.

Although they avail themselves of the recipe for sleeping more effectively, they also carry a higher risk. "Primary sleeping pills, so-called benzodiazepines and Z-substances, can lead to habit and addiction," warns Weeß. In addition, remedies for mental sleep disorders only improve the symptoms, but not the cause.

Sleep Lessons: The First Choice

Besides, there are aids for a physical dream like heavy blankets that create a sense of well-being. The effect of such aids is not proven, but they can bring something. "All that leads to mental, emotional, and physical relaxation in the bed can help," says Weeß.

Fitness Bracelets On the other hand, those who measure the dream are critically evaluated by a physician. Contra-productive to observe myself more intensely, says: "Tension is the enemy of the dream." In addition, most sleep monitoring devices were based on motion and pulse measurement, depending on the age of the day. "In my opinion, these are the methods of stone age of sleep research."

If the patients want to invest in sleep, they are sleeping lessons according to Weeß the first choice. "The market is also growing and it is important to address people who have psychotherapeutic and medical sleep." During the course of the course, the patient is "preparing a sleeping pills", for example with relaxing training, sleeping techniques, and resting time limits.

In two days of intensive course, two-thirds of participants could help better sleep, Weeß said. 200 euros participants have to pay for it often.

Medicine advises behavior therapy

Even those who go to a doctor with their sleeping problems, at best, are not prescribed pills, but cognitive behavioral therapy mediates. According to medical guidelines, this is the best cure for insomnia and sleep disorders – provided the problems can not be explained by physical causes such as respiratory disturbances.

It is usually enough for weeks to attend weekly sessions. At meetings, those to whom they did not only have knowledge of dreams. The goal is also to understand the individual causes of sleep problems. The effects of behavioral therapy are, according to studies, comparable to those in sleeping pills, with a big difference: they last long.