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As the massage par with my partner completely changed our relationship

Close to a warm stone on the back of a woman. The couple has the last massage.

Despite the apparent obstacles to para-silage massage and the fact that we are faced with two foreigners who are treating our bodies – treatment has in some way caused a great loss for my partner and me.

A few years ago I had a massage for Valentine's pairs for partner Tom and I. Soon after I got the certificate from the bath, I thought, "Shit." What did I do? "It was not that I was concerned that it was the only thing I got from him on vacation. (I would be glad I did not even get it.) I was nervous when I realized that for the first time I shared this experience with marrying two of my most precious things: beauty and self-care.

On the day of the massage, I told the masseur that Tom was the first time getting a massage, and they thoroughly discussed it through the process. Then we removed the underwear, puffed under blankets and let the professionals do their magic. Tom was tense for 90 minutes – his shoulders were given – and I got up when I just looked at him. When we talked about the experience, Tom told me he liked it. When I asked him to lie, he admitted that the massage was outside his comfort zone, where he needed more relaxation. "I love what you did," he said, before proposing to try again.

Although it is obvious that communication is important in every respect, this experience opens up a new approach to my partner and me. Though she did not enjoy this experience, she has eliminated my fears (irrational and now looking back) to share my love for beauty – so much so that I asked him to join me in Korean spa (Spa where visitors can enjoy In traditional Korean beauty treatments, saunas and swimming pools – what he did loved) and I started sharing it with her (his new favorite is "green mash" that calms the burns). Now we have a complete skin routine – though I just keep pipes and glasses and explain what they are before I push them to my face.

Massages make you vulnerable – this is implied – but it has allowed my partner and me to communicate with love for beauty.