Bread is life 2

Bread is life

Aish Baladi (local bread) is eaten by almost every Egyptian for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is so important that instead of using the Arab word for bread (khobz), they call it "aish", literally life.

Bread is highly subsidized and people will stand in line in government bakeries to buy 20 loaves of bread for one Egyptian pound ($ 0.20). With a diet that is highly dependent on bread, many people risk losing key nutrients.

High cases of anemia in pregnant women and children are particularly dangerous and can lead to spontaneous abortions, defects and life-related problems.

Introducing the right nutrients in the diet is vital. In Luxor and throughout Egypt, the Global Alliance for Nutrition Improvement (GAIN) works with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, the National Institute of Nutrition and the World Food Program, helping the Egyptian government to strengthen the iron and folic acid bread.

Long-term solutions include educating mothers and families about what makes a healthy diet and how to deal with anemia …

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