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Caution! These 3 children can disrupt your balance of hormones

Defined, slim, healthy body and less weight on the ladder – these are the glittering eating goals we love to be dazzled. Unfortunately, this weight loss strategy is characterized not only by their success but also by many side effects that can seriously endanger our health. One of them is a confused hormonal balance that can cause food cravings, irregular periods, or hair loss even months after the baby. We want to create more awareness and introduce three children that you should avoid because of hormones.

Caution! These children can disrupt your balance of hormones

1. Radical Diet

Radical Diet (also called crash diet) attracts fast weight loss in the shortest possible time. Perfect for reducing the last few pounds just before the summer holidays – but for a long time, it keeps you on reduced calorie nutrition, not just a lack of nutrients, but also hormonal disorders. The baby causes changes in the brain and changes in hormone balance. Particularly affected are hormones Grehlin and Leptin, which are responsible for hunger and satiety. While leptin hormone production is produced in a reduced amount even months after the end of the diet; The level of hunger hormone Grehlin remains elevated. Result: yo-yo effect, because of hormonal change, we often have more appetite, craving for food and we feel quicker less saturated. If someone ignores feelings of hunger and follow the diet plan, the level of leptin in the blood tone is even lower. The body considers this an emergency situation and relies on energy saving measures. Body temperature falls, we often freeze, hair growth slows down and the period stops.

Our advice: Please do not work a radical child for more than a few days. However, it is best to avoid it and decide for a diet that is based on a balanced diet (eg Mediterranean diet). Weight loss can take a little longer, but weight decreases with no yo-yo effect, as the body can adjust step-by-step changes.

2. Low-Fat Diet

In low-fat diets, fat is deliberately reduced in order to lose weight. Problem: Usually there is no difference between good and bad fats. Although an unhealthy version of nutrients (think of animal fat, fried foods, etc.) it is even necessary to reduce, healthy fat (from olive oil, avocado, fatty fish, nuts etc.) are important to our health. They strengthen the heart and brain, are needed to function in the metabolism or absorption of certain vitamins and are an important part of our hormones. If they do not, there may be a disorder. Another problem is lightweight products, which are often used in diets without fat. In order to maintain the taste – despite the markedly reduced fat content – more sugar is usually added. And your hidden carbohydrates can disrupt the balance of the hormone. Therefore, the level of insulin comes out of balance due to over-consumption of sugar, which makes metabolism more difficult and creates new pockets of fat.

Our advice: The principle of low fat should only be applied to bad fat. Please do not desist from healthy fat as they are vital to life, important for regulated hormone balance and even help you lose weight.

3. HCG Diet

This holistic diet relies on a contraceptive product for weight loss: HCG – a protein hormone that the body produces during pregnancy and serves to maintain it. During the three-week diet, the doctor daily injects the hormone to suppress the feeling of hunger. Combined with extremely low calorie intake (only 500 calories per day allowed) kilograms overflow so fast. But the diet also has some side effects. Reduced energy intake and absence of fat, sugar and carbohydrates can cause nutrient deficits. On the other hand, eating disrupts the natural balance of hormones. Irregular or non-existent period, permanent fatigue, freezing, hair loss and thrombosis may be the typical consequences of this hormonal change.

Our advice: Weight Loss Better Without Suspect Hormonal Injections! If you still want to try a diet, it is better to use globules based on HCG, but based on herbal ingredients and no hormones. It is also important to keep a pre-defined 21-day duration – which can keep your diet longer, risking malnutrition, which not only lacks minerals and vitamins, but also completely disturbs the hormone balance.

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