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Day cream for sunbathing

Clothing, shades, sunscreen: The real sunscreen is not that hard – but it is often ignored. "When the sun is so beautiful, people forget the risks," says Privatdozent Dr. honey. Hans-Joachim Schulze, chief physician of the Hornheide Specialist Clinic, on the occasion of sun protection on June 21st. UV radiation is the biggest factor in the development of skin cancer, with about 270,000 new cases per year, the most common cancer in Germany.

Who wants to enjoy the sunshine without worrying not only has to know the main rules of sun protection, but also apply it. Schulze especially recommends reflective colorful clothing to avoid direct sunlight. White clothing, on the other hand, absorbs the sun's rays and is therefore less suitable for protection. "In any case, clothing is the first choice when it comes to sun protection. Of course, it also includes sunblocks," says Schulze, chief dermatologist in Hornheide, and head of the Cancer Center in Münster and the Cancer Cancer Center for Oncology in Munster (MagKs).

Follow it only a few years later
Above all, parents should be a good example for their children and take sunscreen for themselves as well as for offspring seriously. "75 percent of skin tumors can be avoided if 20 years ago there was no sunburn," says Schulze. If the skin cancer appears only after a few years, it was also a problem in education. "In the spirit, the danger is far off," Schulze says. Perhaps this also explains the relative reluctance of Germans to take precautionary measures: According to the TK report on skin cancer, between 2015 and 2017, only one of the five legally insured persons in Germany used a screening test.

According to Schulze, sunscreen is also a part of the healthy sunshine – in the right places and in sufficient quantities. In addition, the cream should be applied for about 30 minutes before it remains in the sun. The SPF should also be based on the individual skin type. Hans-Joachim Schulze points out that although sunbathing provides some protection from UV radiation, it is also an alarm signal that the skin is already hurt by harmful UV rays: the skin reacts with brown pigmentation to help protect it from further exposure to UV radiation. "It's like the sound of an alarm that screams when a thief is already in the house," Schulze explains. In any case, it is important to avoid intense exposure to the sun resulting in strong dimming.

10 tips and information for enjoying the summer and worry-free sun:

Avoid all sunburns: "The skin does not forget anything," says Privatdozent Dr. honey. Hans-Joachim Schulze of the Hornheide Specialist Clinic. So even a sunburn significantly increases the risk of skin cancer. By the way, no matter what part of the body is hit.

  • Clothes are the best sunscreen: Especially colorful clothes effectively protect against burns. Long, lightweight clothing and hats should therefore be the first choice for sun protection.
  • Avoid the noon sun: between 11 and 15 hours the sun is the most intense. The influence of UV radiation is influenced by aspects such as latitude, altitude, temperature and season. This is especially important for a vacation in the south.
  • Do not use sunscreen from the previous year: "The already open sunscreen bottle should not be used after the expiration date," says Dr. Med. Hans-Joachim Schulze. The background is to reduce the concentration of the active substance in the UV preservative.
  • Also protect yourself in the shade of clothing and sunscreens: water, sand or bright walls are reflective surfaces for the sun
  • Use sunscreen freely, especially "sunny terraces" such as the ears, nose, shoulders, neck, back of the foot and cream
  • Use sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection: The rashes penetrate the skin at different depths, but at the end both can be responsible for burns. "Basically, sun rays do not hurt, of course – this is a problem in risk assessment," Dr. Dr. Hans-Joachim Schulze.
  • Apply sunscreen for half an hour before sunbathing.
  • Use as much SPF as possible, sensitive skin types at least SPF 30.
  • To enjoy the sun, "healthy" is allowed: Hans-Joachim Schulze: "Like a piece of chocolate, sun is a plus, for example, vitamin D, and it's worth our psyche.

About the Hornheide Specialist Clinic:
The Hornheide Special Clinic is the largest center for skin cancer in Germany (according to the requirements of the German Society for Cancer, as well as an interdisciplinary and subregional center for the treatment of skin, head and neck tumors, as well as surgical reconstruction.) The Clinic was established in 1932 and today more than 300 of them are involved. Aesthetics and laser treatments, as well as anesthetics, dermatology, dermatological radiation therapy, dermatohistopathology, internal oncology, oral and maxillofacial surgery and plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries and hand surgery are also part of the service. is one of the first cross-border oncology centers in Germany, the Münster Cancer Alliance (MAgKs), headed by the Hospital Director of Dipl.-Kfm. Manfred Litt Medical Director is prof. dr. med. Dr. Gerhard Brodner.
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