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Drunk man attacks police officers at Obergünzburg Ca. 2 per thousand, firearms and knife …

Friday, June 21, 2019

Yesterday at 22.50 drivers at Kemptener Strasse had to slow down and stop for a few young men. One of the members of the group threatened the driver by striking glass with obvious weaponry. The driver then fled the car and called a police emergency call. The Operations Center immediately started an extensive search for men with a large number of civil servants and met a group of campers in Waldbad. One of them initially refused to leave the tent. When he respected, he had a firearm in his hand, which he directed towards the officers. He ignored all police instructions, who then fired a warning to clarify the confusing and dangerous situation. The man put down the gun and attacked the cops who managed to overcome it and take the gun. No one was hurt.

The search weapon used by 26-year-old Poljak, who lives in Ostallgäu, was a gun for which he did not have a "small gun permit". In addition, officials secured one hand and switch. A drunk man, barely two thousand, was arrested. After the current investigation, he was the one who threatened the driver.
The tests continued by Kripo Kaufbeuren.
(PP Swabia South / West)