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GROUP – Peak Trailer

GROUP is a new web series created by Easy On the Reins Productions.

It's a bouncing look at GROUP, the new comedy series that focuses on a group of young men who form a support group because they can not afford professional therapy.

The band includes Logan Fahey, Nick Kovalchik, Derek Kranz, David Bennett, Brant Cox, Darren Chris, Doug Dixon, Shawn Gentry, Scott Golden, Blake Griffin, Dylan Hoeffler, Brian Holden, Chris Pringle, Noel Silverstein, Joe Walker, Paul Wheeler and Jason Lonnie.

Designed, written and produced by Derek Kranz and Nick Kovalchik

Director and edited by Derek Kranz

The entire soundtrack for the web series was provided by The Dustbowl Revival. The songs "Dan & s Jam" and "Le Bataillon" are included in this trailer.