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In bed instead of air mattress: "Summer Flu"

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Friday, June 21, 2019 at 6:30

In bed instead of air mattress: "Summer Flu" 2

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Summer grip can spoil the holiday a lot, so in the worst case the planned trip must be canceled. What is a summer flu and how can it be prevented? PD Dr. honey. Stefan Kuster, an infectologist at the University Hospital in Zurich.

Mr. Kuster, summer grip, is it rumor or sickness?

It's a disease, but usually there is no real flu but a grip infection but it is caused by other viruses. We are talking about the right flu if the disease is caused by influenza viruses. These viruses rarely appear in the summer, but prevail over the northern hemisphere primarily in winter. Travelers from the southern hemisphere can bring flu-like flu.

Actually, do we have to talk about "infection during the summer"?

That's right. It's an infection with viruses, just like winter influenza infection.

How does this disease differ from the true flu?

So-called summer influenza can be shown with cold, cough, bubbles in the mouth and throbbing throat, so that infection with winter flu confines to the upper respiratory tract. It can also come as gastrointestinal flu with nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. These infections can last for several days, but their course is generally lighter than with the right grip. With the right flu, the disease is often different; You feel very bad in a short time.

Which viruses are responsible for these summer infections?

Most of them are enteroviruses, who, like summer, prefer flu-like and cold flu, who prefer the winter half of the year. True, however, we do not know whether specific environmental factors are responsible for this seasonal variability. Basically, we are more likely to be infected with viruses, many of which are present.

Viruses are also on their way. Is there an increased risk of avionics and trauma?

How little or a little like winter worms. In the case of enterovirus, the transfer occurs via droplet or direct contact.

How can they be protected on the road and in general?

As with winter viruses, the main thing is to protect others when you are sick: hold the distance, swipe in your hands or hips, wash your hands regularly or disinfect your hands, stay at home with fever. If you are healthy, follow the usual hygiene measures.

And what can I do if I get it anyway?

Common cold medicines especially relieve the symptoms, the disease itself cures. Stay at home with fever and make sure you do not infect anybody else.

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