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Judgment in Mörlenbach's Family Drama Processing

The accused father of two children was killed in the courtroom. Archival Photography: Sascha Lotz

The accused father of two children was killed in the courtroom. Archival Photography: Sascha Lotz

DARMSTADT / MÖRLENBACH – Sometimes the circle closes. Wagner, more specifically "Apfelwein Wagner", is a restaurant in Frankfurt, where the family of Mörlenbach's dad, mothers and two children, spent their last afternoon on August 30, 2018. On the morning of August 31th, the boy (13) and the girl (10) were lying dead, stabbed and burned in bed. Wagner, Volker Wagner, the president of the judiciary, who issued a verdict on Wednesday in the district court in Darmstadt after an eleven-day trial at the murder trial.

It reads: a life jail with a special weight of debt for a father who admitted (59) for a double murder and a fall. Twelve years in jail for a mother (47) for murder and homicide. "The children would still live without their father," said the judge at the verdict. "And they are dead – through father and mother." Both defendants listened indefinitely and looked down. At this time, neither the parents of the defendants who were observers at the district court were mentioned.

Sleep had no effect on the court

The verdict was followed by a prosecutor more often, who was condemned to one and the other for life imprisonment, and the particular gravity of guilt. The woman's defender pleaded for acquittal because she had not been present during the murders and testified she was surprised. The defendant's lawyer has been asking his father for years of imprisonment for the effect of sleeping pills.

However, the Chamber did not follow. Complex actions under the benzodiazepines are "excluded," said President Justice Volker Wagner, reminding in that context of hammer hits, neck and heart stitches, subsequent gasoline distribution and fire.

During the judgment, the father briefly looked at the judge briefly. Otherwise, he looked at his desk with his hands crossed in front of him. The mother, who looked more than the 2016 photographs, followed her with no emotion on her face, her eyes almost closed and looked at the table, beginning to rest her head and later her hands were overlaid or in lap.


On August 31, 2018, the local fire brigade was partially burnt down House in the district of Mörlenbacher Bettenbach he found two dead children. Parents could be rescued from the garage – a couple switched the head of the sleeping pills in the car with running engines.

The State Attorney's Office requested parental custody on the same day and talked about one-time "Family drama for great financial problems"The trial at the district court in Darmstadt against a pair of doctors has risen in recent months (mawi)

People who knew the accused described it as "top" and materialistically-a big house, several sports cars, a motor boat, 2800 pairs of shoes for his wife. He was a long-time economically successful oral surgeon with a neighbor who is an entrepreneur. The defendant described the "egomaniac" psychiatric expert as accurate to his person.

The Court reminded one of her statements in prison regarding compensation for the accused mother. "The agreement between me and my wife was that we all died or nothing," the employee said. The second track was a sheet of paper in the backpack that left the neighbors in the morning. The shooters were still outside, the accused wrote on paper. That makes sense only if there is a plan "we kill," the judge said. The court was not convinced that the accused was killed. "If Mother did, we could not find it," said Judge Volker Wagner.

A family father designs ideas on a woman

"The intelligence service does not oppose archaic behavior," said the judge on the subject of the accused. The family was insolvent. The occupied house would be vacated on Tuesday at 8 am for new owners. The pair did not want to leave, but they no longer had any legal means. And there is no Plan B, as the two were recorded on August 30 evening in Dosenbier. "The work came from him," said Wagner. "Usually for the narcissist, the accused projected his ideas on his wife." She was "obedient," as was the weakness of the shoe, because she did not know how to get out of a difficult situation.

Medical money defenders announced they would appeal the verdict.