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#loveyouhaters: Sprite is participating in a new campaign against mobbing and hate on the Internet

Domestic influential people, who themselves were victims of hate sending, as testimonies.

Internet hate and violence – issues that, according to the OECD study in 2015, face a fifth of all adolescents. Especially at the end of the school, pressure on affected people is increasing.

Sprite explores these social phenomena in the new "Stay Fresh" campaign, and, together with local influencers with #loveyouhaters, encourages them to remain cold during harassment and torture and to face hooligans with humor and self-confidence. As part of the campaign, it is advised to get the ball as well as the social project of the non-profit organization SFBK. The campaign is highlighted by the Austrian Advertising Council.

Support and protection of affected persons

"Mobing is a form of violence, and online violence has been a separate act since 2016. So it is important to take the position as soon as possible – such as school, family or business – to provide support to the person concerned and to make the move faster. wire, "said Marlena Koppendorfer from Rat auf Draht.

"Our company sees itself as responsible for solving social issues and believes in the power of communication between our brands," a spokesman for the Austrian company Coca-Cola Philipp Bodzent said on the intent of the new Sprite campaign. "With Stay Fresh and #loveyhaters, we want to convey that it's important to be honest with yourself, be cool, spread love, not hate, and get up for things that are important," says Valeria Chavarri, brand manager Austria, key messages to that point .

Iridiscent figures as testimonies

Domestic influences Nadine Wo, Abrahamdailydosis, Tamara Mascara, Felsee and Viki Schnaderbeck – all the glittering characters that "stand out" with their unusual appearance or activity and thus become the subject of hateposting are also part of the campaign.

© Sprite
Campaign with Tamara Mascara. © Sprite

"I'm always faced with hate comments, wearing lots of makeup, clothes, high heels, and I always have nails as a man, people are basically bulging. I delete almost all negative and bad comments on the Internet, talking in the street when it's too dumb," she said Tamara Mascara, the most renowned Austrian drag queen, which boasts a masterful vision of the campaign.

The Austrian Advertising Council extends the theme

The Austrian Advisory Council welcomes and supports initiatives and measures such as those in the new Sprite campaign, which not only campaigns within the target group – children and adolescents, but also adults – campaign campaigns to raise awareness about various issues related to media.

"These are not just educational but also strategically brave brands and show specifically how self-responsibility for advertising can be used responsibly for marketing purposes," said Michael Straberger, chair of the Austrian Advertising Advisory Board.

New clothes for a new campaign

For the new campaign not only has new communication been put on the feet, but the equipment of the cans and the logo has also been refreshed. The "Stay Fresh" campaign celebrated its premiere at Instagram in Sprite Austria, but will return to the TV as part of the 30th place in late June. Online movies are scheduled for 15 to 60 seconds.

"Of course, we are increasingly focusing on the online sector, as the target group of this unique campaign is right there," says Brand Manager Valeria Chavarri. Out of Home plans to use items on taps, city lighting, digital lights, and free cards. In addition to international subjects, a locally produced visual representation of Tamara Mascara is also used. (As)

You can find campaign presentation pictures here.