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Menden innkeeper Frank Hünnies caught the thief hotel

Host Frank Hünnies catches thieves who can escape. In the morning finds the culprit – she sleeps in the car in front of the hotel.

The best stories are still life itself, and this is especially true in Lendringsen. There, innkeeper Frank Hünnies caught the thieves who spotted him spectacularly, grabbed him in his sleep – and finally apologized to the owner.

Monday, 21:30

Frank Hünnies is listening in his guesthouse while the guest is looking for a toilet. "At first I did not see it," says the grocer. Shortly thereafter, a hotel guest who notifies him that a guy in a muscular shirt walks over the corridor, guaranteed to have no work there, immediately notices it. When Hünnies climbed up the stairs, a muscular man again met him, "in one hand, the jewelry of my Ulle."

Then Hünnies leads an unknown person to his hand and takes him to the top to call the police. But the captured hotel thief does not want to be arrested without resistance: "He suddenly breaks down, throws jewelry in the direction of the pulpit and storms from the main entrance to the roundabout," says Hünnies, as soon as it passed. No one can intervene either from the guests below.

Monday, 22:00

Frank Hünnies retains a small scratch on the flank. But that is not all. For the other guest, who was watching the escape scene outside, shows the host a small car at the large parking lot in the inn. "The guy came out of this car," the witness said, pointing to a small car. That's why Hünnies and some friends park their car first to prevent the escape. Then call the police. She came, picked everything up, asked the registration plate. The car must be released again so the thief does not panic the billiards. As the night ends, the Hünnies will wait, keep the car in sight until half the night, until his eyes are closed by fatigue.

Tuesday, 8 o'clock

Hünnies meets with its attentive hotel guest. He describes incredibly: "Our thief is in the car and pauses!" They then call on the police again, and here they look: the 33-year-old immediately recognizes the crime and is arrested (reported WP). But that is not all.

Tuesday, about noon

"Kuham, when the culprit suddenly appears outside of our innkeeper, of course I'm out there and asked him loudly what he wants," says Hünnies, then unexpectedly: "He said he wanted to apologize." Hünnies was confused in the beginning. "Then some circumstances reported him to bring him to the act. "He almost regretted him, the landlord says, looking at his finger." Well, almost. "