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Microneedles make striations disappear

Stretch can, with laser treatment, be effectively mitigated even by micrograms. In one study, both methods were equally effective, but equally safe – with micrograms, unlike laser, no bump, hyperpigmentation or pain after the procedure was completed.

Striae distensae (SD), also known as stretch marks, appears in two versions: on one side as striae rubra, erythematosus and hence reddish stripes, on the other side as striae alba, hypopigmented and thus white lesions. Sometimes very visible lines can be felt by patients as very stressful and so immensely affecting the quality of life. However, there are no effective therapeutic strategies; So far only selective photothermolysis and fractionated photothermolysis (Fraxellaser) are effective and at the same time safe.

Dermatologists increasingly use minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of various skin lesions. This includes Microneedling, for example, for treating acne scars. Mini needles can also reduce strokes [1,2], Can laser treatment or Microneedling be more effective in removing stretchy stiffenings, authors around Ana Paula Naspolin have studied in their study [3].

There are hardly any differences between lasers and needles

They selected 20 women with strokes on women. Excluded are pregnant women or women who have given birth less than twelve months ago. The researchers conducted five times a month on each side of the abdomen of each woman's skin and laser treatment (neodymium: a thoria-albumin-perovskite 1340nm fractionated, non-ablative laser, NAFL) on the other.

Most patients had a positive effect after only three treatments. Microgaming and lasers were equally effective. The same applies to the objective evaluation of the tape by the physician. Elastic fibers and collagen fibers were formed on both sides of the abdomen. Just because of the thickness of the epidermis, micrograming has achieved better results.

The quality of life of subjects measured by the Dermatological Quality of Life Index (DLQI) also improved after three sessions.

Microgels have generally caused more pain than lasers. Erythema and itching occur at Microneedling in 68.3%, or 13.5% of women. Approximately so many complications of this type with laser therapy (erythema: 66.3%, itching: 12.5%). However, the laser procedure resulted in additional crusting (1.9%), hyperpigmentation (1%) and pain that only occurred after treatment (1.9%). In addition, the side effects in the laser group lasted longer (4 versus 3 days).

Microgaming as an Alternative?

Miniature needles proved to be as effective as a laser. In addition, since the side effects lasted less than NAFL, they are a good alternative to treating strokes.

In short, the most important thing

Question: Which method is more effective in treating the stripe: laser or microgaming?

Answer: Both methods were equally effective. With Microneedling, however, patients recovered faster than the side effects.

which means: Microneedling is a good alternative to laser treatment.

limitations: Clinical studies with a large number of subjects are needed to cover the results.