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ÖFB-U21 ahead of Denmark's game confident: "We want nine points"

Austrian U21 team fights for self-confidence after Serbia's dreams come to an end. The semi-finals should be resolved by winning the group. "I do not look at other groups like this personally, we want nine points, that's what we are doing," said defender Kevin Danso, before defending Denmark on the pitch at Corno di Rosazz.

The attacker Mathias Honsak felt the same. "First and foremost, your own group is important and if you get the first place there, you do not have to worry about other groups," the 22-year-old said. Except for three winners, the best one will continue. Currently, the Austrians are three points in pool B tied behind the defenders of Germany.

After winning 2-0 over Serbia, the starting point at Thursday's (18.30) at the Friuli stadium will be further enhanced. As an outsider, the ÖFB team can describe themselves, but it is true that there should be no more. "Wins against France (Note: Test 3: 1) and Serbia, we showed what we have about it," said defender Ivan Ljubic.

ÖFB-U21 Kicker as a tourist in Udine

But nothing has been gained yet. "We can not now be overweight or give up, we have to keep pushing our gas," says Sturm Kicker. Playing against the Dancers is not a problem because of the way it works. "We do not think about what the Danes are doing, we really want to bring our results to the ground and win," Danso said.

Regeneration is in the foreground of the Serbian game. On Tuesday, the players also had the opportunity to drive to Udine on free afternoon without team clothes. More than half the teams accepted the offer. "Some do well, everyone knows what's best for themselves," said Danso, who likes to do so. Ljubic also preferred to stay in the hotel.

On Wednesday, with the final training and video-studio dancers, Germany 1: 3 was the subject of the program.

Kevin Danso is happy with Horvath.


ÖFB-U21: Hannes Wolf injured – a "real" striker comes

In the ranks of ÖFB changes were not necessarily expected, with the exception that the injured Hannes Wolf must be replaced. Werner Gregoritsch's chief of staff is likely to be the real attacker, because the Honsak front-row experiment failed. That would not be wrong for Honsak. "I've already played in Kiel, but I feel more comfortable on the left," the striker said.

"His failure changes our meeting plan, our system," Gregoritsch said on Wednesday evening at Stadio Friuli. He did not personally look at the cards. "But I'm confident we can bring a good offensive."

ÖFB's selection is now the only team without a goal. "If tomorrow is zero, that's something special, for now it's not really sensible," Danso said. Kikeri will be exposed at the stadium before the warm-up game with the words "Soon Get Free" and No. 19 from Wolf. UEFA gave it a green light.

Austria's U21 European Championship: Opponents, Dates

Dateopponentthe place of eventTime / Result
06/17/2019SerbiaTrieste2: 0 (1: 0)
06/20/2019DenmarkUdine18.30 hrs