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Par Götze sets the first wedding photo Nice was just his goal in the World Cup!

Footballer Mario Götze (27) in the Fall of Love!

The first day after the wedding, 2014 World Cup winner is still on its heels InstagramProfile (8.6 million subscribers) Götze shared a photo with his bride in a dreamlike environment. He simply writes: "19.6.19" – the date of the wedding.

Footballer Götze married Ann-Kathrin (29) on Wednesday in MallorcaShe released the same footage on her InstagramProfile.

The photo can only be played by Götze's legendary winner at the 2014 World Cup. At that time, the footballer had fulfilled his title dream with his hit of 1: 0 in the extension.

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Photo: Ribolov4

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In World Cup Finals 2014 against Argentina, Mario Götze met for 1-0 – World title for GermanyPhoto: Ribolov4

Four years after winning the World Cup in Brazil, Götze married his fiancé Ann-Kathrin Brömmel civil: on May 7, 2018, in Dusseldorf, they gave themselves the word Yes.

The wedding ceremony in Mallorca was held somewhat more than a year later – but this is no less than romance.

Ann-Kathrin put on her make-up and hairstyle. "I want Mario to look at my day and see Ann-Kathrin, whom she always sees," said the model in an interview for "Vogue" just before the wedding.

<img class = "photo ondemand zoomable" src = " united-blaze-201161857-62761182 / 1, w = 1280, c = 0. picture.jpg "width =" 1280 "alt =" Background of Envy: Football star Mario Götze married Ann-Kathrin under the strong sun in Mallorca " zoom-title = "Excellent setting: football star Mario Götze married his Ann-Kathrin at the best sunshine in Mallorca, and in 2016 he married on the Spanish island

Photo: Aresou Leisdorff

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Great Wallpaper: The soccer star Mario Götze married his Ann-Kathrin at the best sun in Mallorca. The couple spent 2016 on the Spanish islandPhoto: Aresou Leisdorff

Wedding Finca is located in Mallorca's Son Marroig, 27km north of Palma. The imposing mountain backdrop and the sea view, the spectacular sunsets and the white pavilion make the villa a hot spot for the wedding.