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Pritik's Diet: The Healthiest Diet Ever?

As far as diet is concerned, trends are constantly changing. Many children, such as these diets, are definitely a household name. But did you ever hear about the diet?

This is a low-fat diet based on vegetables, cereals and fruits. It was originally designed by Nathan Pritikin, an American nutritionist, to reduce the risk of heart disease. His son revised the concept later.

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The Mediterranean Diet is used in the diet after Pritikin only low fat.

Usually, a diet with very little fat makes you feel hungry. "As fat gets saturated, you can often feel the hunger on this diet," explains Dr. Teryl L. Tanaka, head of clinical nutrition, opposite portal & # 39;

However, since Pritikin's foods are very rich in fiber, they can still be very saturated. However, making this diet over a prolonged period may be difficult.

"It's hard to maintain such low levels of fat, especially if you eat often, and it takes more time to prepare delicious, unleavened foods," he explains.

To achieve lasting positive results, you have to change your eating habits for a long time – but that's the same with any diet.

Studies prove: Diet Pritikin is healthy

After getting used to a change in diet, you can get a lot of health benefits. The Pritikin program is not only suitable for reduction Body fat.

Several studies have proven positive effects:

An analysis of approximately 4,500 subjects at the Longevity Center Pritikin over three weeks showed an average reduction in poor LDL cholesterol by 23 percent.

Within two to three weeks, chronic inflammatory markers also decreased, and insulin levels in males fell by 46 percent.

Also, metabolic syndrome, which carries high risk of diabetes and heart disease, can no longer be detected in 60 percent of men. Even 100 percent in children.

Other scientifically proven effects of the Pritikin program include lower risk of heart disease, lowering blood pressure to a normal level, and reducing the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

FIT FOR FUN the conclusion of the diet

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An Appropriate Employee Elina is an ecotrophologist and believes that Diet Pritikin is too one-sided: "Weight Loss of Carbohydrates – Which Promises Pritikin Diet And Every Pure Lover Make Air Jumps Actually: The Diet is Simple to Implement, Satisfies and Promises Many Health Benefits – Clear, is a priority and promises many benefits to health – clear, priority There are also vegetables and fruit on the menu, but on long runs, lack of fat in the diet.

Olives, Avocados and Nuts: Even if these foods contain fat, we should not be able to demonize the alleged fatty bombs. Unsaturated fatty acids are essential to our health, they have an inflammatory effect and have a positive effect on our hormones.

In addition, these fats help absorb vitamin A, D, E and K fats, as well as other nutrients. There you can eat so many vegetables – no fat that does not make much sense. And, we face, life without humus or almond? No Thanks! "


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