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Royal Green: The Ultimate Green Superfood!

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IM ULTIMATE GREENS SUPERFOOD: With over 50 ingredients including wheat grass, organic spirulina, barley grass, probiotics, enzymes, soluble fiber, other alkalizing ingredients, etc., Royal Greens Ultra is your universal powder for maintaining your health and wellness. One scoop is the perfect balance of vegetables that promote energy and stamina while maintaining a healthy digestive system

ING UNCERTAINED TASTE: Naturally sweetened with stevia and natural flavors for a delicious taste that is easy to enjoy!

LIKE 6 FORMULAS B 1: Each portion delivers the power of an organic vegetable mixture, an antioxidant mixture, an enzyme mixture, a probiotic mix without dairy products, a mixture of cardiac health and an energy mix. True, natural ingredients nourish this formula and give you the plant supplement you need.

US SERIOUS ANTIOXIDANT POWER: Royal Greens is measured for its oxygen absorption capacity (the result that determines the antioxidant value) and it has over 9,000 units – the same as eating ALL vegetables at the same time!

   Unbelievably Easy: Just add one scoop in 8 ounces. water, juice or your favorite recipe.