Skin Care In Summer: The 5 Best Beauties With Cooling 2

Skin Care In Summer: The 5 Best Beauties With Cooling

Not only in winter, our skin needs a lot of moisture, but summer care comes from light, but intensely moisturizing cosmetic products. There are also UV protection and a pleasantly cool cosmetics. We'll tell you how your sun shines in the sun …

Top 5 Skin Care Tips for the Summer

1. Cooling during summer

Just like in winter, your skin needs summer enough moisture, The Only Difference: As we fall back in the cold days of rich creams, Cosmetic products are quiet in the hot season succeed. With care products Water gel texture they're right. They not only give enough moisture, but they also have one pleasant cooling effect and they also move fast.

Our favorite: Aloe vera gel! Thanks to their fine texture, they virtually cling to the skin. Excellent side effect: Aloe Vera is considered to be a good SOS drug for burnsbecause it cools the affected skin.

Another great source of moisture is products with hyaluronic acid, Designed for permanent moisture storage in the skin.

Skin Care In Summer: The 5 Best Beauties With Cooling 3
first Mother Nature Cosmetics "BIO Aloe Vera Gel", buy here about 17 euros
else Mother Nature Cosmetics "Hyaluronic Acid Cream", here to buy about 30 euros

2. UV protection

Alfa and omega skin care in summer is a clear sunscreen. So make sure yours is Beauty produces UV protection involved. Many creams already have a sun protection factor. Alternatively, you can, of course, additionally Sunscreen specifically for the face use. Advantage: You have one Larger UV protection than usual creams.

If you do not want to work without makeup even in hot days, toned daily creams such as BB or CC Cream are ideal. Caring for one Unique and additionally includes sun protection factor.

Skin Care In Summer: The 5 Best Beauties With Cooling 4
first Mary Kay
"Timewise Age Minimize Daily Cream with SPF 30" buy here about 45 euros
else Caudalie "Anti-Wrinkle Face SPF 50 SPF, buy here for around 22 euros
the third Bourjois "Perfect CC Cream SPF 15", buy here about 8 euros

3. Firm cleansing of the face

In order for your teen to radiate in the summer, it is essential to thoroughly clean the face. After a day spent on the sea or in the outdoor pool Easily clog your pores because of salt water, sand and chlorineThe result may be impurities. Therefore, it is important that you do not have pimples and blackheads Face in the evening free from all dirt.

Particularly thorough cleansing of the face face brush, Ali and one peeling Make your skin clean in a moment's eye. To finish the rose water is perfect. moisturizes, irritates irritated skin, works balancing and fighting against pimples and small wrinkles.

Skin Care In Summer: The 5 Best Beauties With Cooling 5
first Rosens "Rosenwasser", buy here about 14 euros
else St Ives "Apricot Scrub Empowering", a shop here for about 10 euros
the third BEURER "Face Brush FC 45", buy here about 16 euros

4. Intensive skin care in summer

To ensure optimum overall protection face masksIf your skin is dry after sunbathing, you can put a mask on the face in the evening. Many products are s high quality serums soaked, that donate much moisture.

But also Clay masks, which are full of minerals, are perfect for skin care in the summer. They work primarily pore refining and balance the skin.

Skin Care In Summer: The 5 Best Beauties With Cooling 6
first konivéo "Anti-aging mask mask", buy here about 10 euros
else Sand and sky "Brilliant Skin Australian Pink Clay Mask", here to buy around 47 euros

5. Cosmetic products with cooling effect

If the heat is hard to bear and you get the feeling that your face is dry, then there is a great solution: thermal water! Fine spray provides your skin with a lot of moisture It also offers one pleasant cooling effect, Tip: Direct from the refrigerator the cooling effect is even greater.

Another great cooling effect promises fluid, especially with scarring on the scalp it is used. On Mint and eucalyptus has SOS him Ultra cooling and antibacterial effect.

Skin Care In Summer: The 5 Best Beauties With Cooling 7
first Eau Thermale Avène "Thermal Water + 5 Fabric Mask", here to buy around 13 euros
else René Furterer "Astera Fresh Soothing-Fresh Liquids ", here for about 30 euros shopping

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