So you can easily lose weight with the 25-second rule 2

So you can easily lose weight with the 25-second rule

Whether you're on a diet, you have a lot of stress at work or you're going to your time, we all know when it's going to be craving and no chocolate saucer or chocolate chip is safe from us.

This is the uncontrolled need for food that American scientist Brad Appelhans from the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago has done in his scientific research.

Weight loss with a 25 second rule?

Appelhans, who is in u. exploring the causes of obesity, developed a vending machine that brought sweet and healthy snacks. Healthy snacks, such as apples, instantly squeeze the machine. In addition, they offered $ 0.25 cheaper than the usual snacks. At high calorie bites, respondents had to wait for a 25-second countdown and pay an extra $ 0.25 tax.

The result of more than 30,000 test purchases in three different places was surprising but confirmed Appelhans' thesis: Healthy, easily accessible and cheaper snacks were sold 42 percent more often. "People like to be more satisfied now, and this system affects our decision and our behavior in our daily lives." Waiting for something makes it less desirable, "says a woman scientist.

So you can lose weight with a 25 second rule

Sweet chocolate will be less delicious if it is not immediately available. The crack in crunchy apples, on the other hand, can also satisfy the desire for food.

Lesson: When you cake and cream ice cream from the freezer smiles next to the cashier's supermarket – slowly count up to 25 and try in the meantime if the bowl of raspberry does not satisfy you. Weight loss with a 25-second rule is completely straightforward, but it really does work!