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Successfully pressed before maintenance

Support for children takes precedence over all other financial obligations. The Freising District Court, however, has now released the Accused Wartenberg's father to pay for his son's allowance.

– That's so sure: the defendant obviously understands the arithmetic. Anyway, he managed to replenish his income in such a way that he would spare any kind of support for his son. And for years. He was actually freed by the district court in Freising. There is a lot of effort in the flourishing of the Erding / Freising airport as a specialist, not so-called deduction.

Wartenberg: The accused father tries to explain himself

The 31-year-old living in Wartenberg is an independent provider of IT services. His seven-year-old son lives with his mother in Moosburg. 1080 euros, including 380 euros for the apartment, the legislator recognizes monthly employees of dependent family members. It appears that the deduction did not raise the defendant according to documents for nearly 15 years. In this process he generally asked "hard times" and "health problems", especially as an explanation. Hardly enough, obviously, his job sometimes had to increase his income, how he complained. The defendant suffers from ADHD. Attention deficit syndrome usually diagnosed in hyperactive children is not always the case at an adult age. Besides, he had a persistent form of acne attack. "I did not feel good." Death in the family needed to bring depression ten years ago.

Wartenberg: There is nothing to prove to the accused father

As a general rule, child support has priority over all other obligations, including your own consumer wishes. Beneficiaries of state aid, such as unemployment benefits II – basic safety for the workforce – but the legislator guarantees a minimum life, a deduction. If you earned more, he was a 31-year-old who can not be proven. Due to his health damages, the plaintiff has hardly proved the pattern of behavior. As a dependent father, the defendant would have to make the necessary income under all circumstances. The law speaks of "increased labor obligation".

Wartenberg: Leave your free dad to accept any job

As a developer, a 31-year-old should not earn more than 1080 euros in the Erding / Freising area. He would also be forced to accept every imaginable job to give his son the money he was given. Since delivering newspapers to work in shifts, another, maybe even a third job – legislation is rigorous there. The defendant, however, has a medical certificate. The document frees him from accepting any job. Jobcenter Erdingu is under the register of "multiple health restrictions". The evaluator makes him six hours of work if needed. In Erdington, he trusts only a job in the range of the minimum wage with gross EUR 1050.

Wartenberg: Slow maintenance – The defendant is considered ineffective

As far as support obligations are concerned, the 31-year-old is therefore considered ineffective in view of his health deficiencies. The court informed the defendant that he had at least six hours a day required to work: "I'm looking for you." It is unlikely that his mother will comfort his son. Judge Michael Geltl did not look happy. But the accused could freely speak.

Supporting children is not always at the center of the support dispute. In Munich all four dogs of the former money were crowned.