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Summer brown skin: How to properly care for the fake

Last summer. Days are longer, colder drinks, clothes shorter and skin … unfortunately, not always darker. If you do not plan a big summer holiday, the German summer can ensure that summer nights will not last long. The drug can create fake there. But whether it is a tanned color or a drugstore color: To make the wrong color look deceptively long, you should take good care of it. How it works, we discover here.

Summer brown skin: How to properly care for the fake

hair removal

The main reason for seeping tan is simply hair removal. In addition to hair, the upper layer of skin can also be removed – just the skin layer that is also mistaken. Removal of hair of any kind should always be done before sunbathing. A good rule is 48 hours of running time and 24 hours of shaving.


Before applying false fingers, you need to peel the entire body. It gives a soft and smooth skin that smootherens evenly. It can also help make the cream especially good for a few days before sunbathing. But beware! After applying tan, you should not skim the skin until you want to get rid of it!

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You probably never thought of the right time for sunbathing. However, if you want long lasting, you need to get acquainted with post-period sunbathing. The principle says that self-healing must always be applied after the expiration of that period. Although there are not enough scientific studies on the effect of hormones on color development – probation time may not hurt at the next tanning …


Reason number 1 for dark tens? There is not enough moisture in the skin. Just like you need a cream before sunbathing, do not forget. The ingredients of sunscreen will usually make your skin a bit drier than usual. It is best to cremate them in the morning and in the evening.

Top advice: powder

A real adviser for long-lasting baby's powder. Once you have a skin cream, you can tighten moisture with some child powders. Especially around the breasts, elbows and squats (ie, all areas that sweat slightly), the powder acts as an invisible shave for tan and ensures that the sweat does not destroy it.

Tip: In sports, it can help spread the dust within the sports bra. This prevents the fabric from rubbing too much and destroying the color.

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The pool drops

Even those who have followed all the previous steps must finally realize that even the best fake color is pale. For this moment we have another trick ready: just add a few drops of tan drops to ordinary body lotion. It extends the sunburning process for a few days and postpones the new sunburning process.

If you want to finally get rid of the tan, you will not get a point result with mild piling and plenty of moisture.

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