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Sunscreen and Vitamin D

Sunscreen and Vitamin D

Sunscreen and Vitamin D

Sunscreen is important to protect skin from burns, but it can reduce the production of vitamin D through the skin. The study shows that UVA-enhanced agents not only prevent burns but also stimulate absorption of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is mainly (about 90%) formed from sun on the skin. The proportion of vitamin D in the diet is relatively low. However, it is very important, especially in the northern latitudes, because the sun on the skin for good vitamin D supply is not always enough. This is especially true in the sunny months. Sunlight contains two types of radiation, long-term UVA and short-term UVB. The latter are essential for the synthesis of vitamin D over the skin. At the same time, however, they are an important cause of sunburn and, ultimately, but not least, the risk of developing skin cancer. If you stay long in the sun, it is recommended to use the appropriate UVB protection to prevent burns. With the proper sun protection factor, creams and sunscreens can significantly reduce the negative effects of sunlight on the skin. But this can affect the production of vitamin D over the skin, and thus the status of vitamin D in the body.

In one study, the research group investigated the effect of sunscreen on the status of vitamin D during a week-long vacation at the Tenerife in the sky with no clouds. They compared the effect of two sunscreen with the same sun protection factor of 15. One of the two preparations had UVVA protection with an additional high UVA protective factor while the other agents had only a smaller UVA protection. 40 Polish tourists participated in the survey. Each of them received one of two legal remedies and advised about their correct application. All participants noticed the use of sunscreen, as well as exposure to sun, clothing and possible burns. For comparison, the study involved two groups of tourists and natives, who used sunscreen at their own discretion.

Without any intervention, tourists and locals were not so protected from burns. Two groups of Polish tourists, however, were protected with two sunscreens since the beginning of sunburn, the use of sunscreen was similar in both groups. Only with UVA sunscreen creams is a statistically significant increase in vitamin D. Sunscreen with an increased UVA factor has enabled significantly more vitamin D synthesis than a low-strength UVA agent. Researchers suspect that increased UVA factor is more UVB transmission possible. It not only prevents burns but also stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D.

Our advice: Where the sun is not enough, or in regions with less sunny seasons, supplementing vitamin D can improve blood levels.

Young and associates, Optimum sun protection, during sunbathing with a very high UV index, enables the synthesis of vitamin D without burns. In: British Journal of Dermatology, online publication, May 8, 2019, Doi: 10.1111 / bjd.17888

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