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Super Plant Moringa: The Effects and Benefits of Wunderbauma

Moringa has many effects. Find out how many important nutrients the plant contains and how it helps in weight loss.


  1. Moringa: The effects are multiple
  2. How healthy is Moring?
  3. Wunderbaum should also help you lose weight
  4. Moringa as a miracle of beauty

Moringa – have you ever heard of it? The plant that is grown today is mostly in Africa incredibly many positive effects on our bodys. Used in Ayurvedic Medicine for over 5,000 years. Below you will find an overview of the various effects of Moringe and the application area of ​​the plant.

Moringa: The effects are multiple

Moring should be able to use for very different illnesses and complaints. We have mentioned a few for you:

  • discomfort in the stomach
  • High blood pressure
  • headaches
  • Thyroid disorders
  • malnutrition

Anyone who wants to take Moringa as an additional medicine in the event of a disease should discuss this with each other in advance with their doctor.

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How healthy is Moring?

Moringine health benefits are not surprising. The next small list brings a point how many important nutrients it contains Moringa:

  • 25 times more iron than spinach
  • 17 x more calcium than cow's milk
  • so much vitamin C as orange
  • 15x as much potassium as bananas
  • 4 x more protein than eggs
  • 10 times more carrot vitamins A
  • contains all eight essential amino acids

But beware: Nutrient values ​​are especially high only with fresh Moring leaves directly from the wood. Moring capsules or dried (tea leaves) offered here in Germany are therefore considered primarily to be added to the diet.

Wunderbaum should also help you lose weight

Not only does Moring lightly fill, but it is also one of the foods negative energy balance they have. This means that if you consume Moring, your body consumes more energy for burning food than on food. There are other foods that have a negative energy balance.

Moringa as a miracle of beauty

These were even used by old Egyptians Oil from its seeds for beauty, Among other things, Moringa waxes, a feature that liked anti aging cream. You can clean the skin well with Moring. Among the many other effects is Moring's plant namely also effective against bacteria.

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