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The chemists in the district of Kelheim are advised about sleep disturbances

Good sleep is an important prerequisite for optimal performance. Those who are asleep or too low can become irritable, insensitive and even ill. In order to quickly eliminate sleep disorder, many patients often resort to sleeping pills.

LANDSCREIS KELHEIM Johannes Hillerbrand, a Kelheim district pharmacist spokeswoman, warns: "Chemical pills are very contagious, and for example, they can limit the ability to drive, so we advise pharmacists that these sleeping devices only use a short time if at all.

The causes of sleep disorders are numerous. Johannes Hillerbrand: "Stress, mental problems, pain and medication can disrupt your dreams, and even bad sleep conditions, such as a fake mattress, glow or loud snoring of partners make sleep worse. Exercising in the evening is one of the most common causes of sleep disorders. "It is therefore advisable to have up to six hours before sleep without stimulating beverages, such as coffee, tea or alcohol, more to take. It is also advisable to avoid heavy meals and spicy food in the evening. The comfortable temperature and the quiet, dark bedroom also help you to be amazed.

For long-lasting sleep disorders, doctors are advised to visit a doctor. In principle, medicines should only be applied when all other measures are unsuccessful. Alternatives to sleeping chemicals for lighter sleep disorders are preparations of high valerian doses. They do not make you addictive and soothing. In addition, relaxation exercises like yoga or autogenic training can help reduce the stress of everyday life. In addition, the pharmacy can arrange for its personal taste soothing teas.

Johannes Hillerbrand: "For us pharmacists in the Kelheim district, it is a fundamental part of the pharmaceutical advisory work on the question of possible causes of sleep disorders. Patients should consult with a local prescription and prescription sleeping pills.