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The Department of Health distributes antibiotics


One three year old woman was clearly infected with meningococcal and died. Now parents should protect their children.

The Department of Health distributes antibiotics 2

The three-year-old visited a kindergarten on Gottfired-Keller-Straße on Friday.

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Julia Vollmer
& Sandro Rahrisch

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It is still unclear what a three-year-old girl died on Monday. The town announced on Wednesday that it had checked if it was a meningococcal. "Final results are still underway, and we expect a result on Monday," said City Hall.

Of the 37-year-old children from "Pirolino" kindergarten in Gottfried Keller Street in Cotti, parents of 30 children were advised to receive antibiotics. "Children of other cribs did not have contact during this period and there was no risk of infection," said Diana Petters from the Press Office. The prophylaxis was also received by 33 older children. Twenty-five adults and families of affected children were cared for by the health service.

The Department of Health distributes antibiotics 3

The leaflet informs parents of suspicion of meningococcal.

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The child visited the facility last Friday. On Monday, a three-year-old girl had to be hospitalized. There he died there. The city talked about suspicion on Wednesday. Relevant meningococcal tests have so far been negative, according to health director Jens Heimanna's negative. Evidence could be made difficult by using antibiotics. "However, she has shown a typical clinical picture, so meningococcosis is obvious," says Heimann. The test result is still in progress. The Department of Health did not want to allow any important time passage and therefore began to offer prophylactic antibiotics in the facility.

Meningococcus are bacteria that can cause meningitis, among other things. They are transmitted by direct and close contact with drops or saliva contacts. "It means to have fun, to kiss or to play very close," says the board. It is mainly about drops of nasopharyngeal infection. (with SZ / jr)